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The NHL Lockout: It Could Be A Good Thing for the Flyers

Flyers Defenseman Chris ProngerIt has been 45 days since the NHL lockout began, and it seems like there is no end in sight. While rich players fight with richer owners, the fans are the ones who are left out of the process. While the whole lockout has been incredibly frustrating, it seems as if the ability to have a shortened season is now on the ropes. The NHL will soon announce, according to multiple reports, that the Winter Classic and All Star Game will indeed be canceled.

This now begs the question whether it is even worth having a season this point. With the NHL’s two main attractions likely being taken out of the mix, many are wondering what the point is in having a season. However, a season, even if it …

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DeSean Jackson’s Comments A Reflection On Andy Reid

Eagles Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson's comments are a reflection of Andy ReidEarly Tuesday morning, DeSean Jackson appeared on ESPN Radio’s national morning program, the Mike and Mike Show. While there, Jackson was asked about the effect being booed by Philadelphia fans has on him and his Eagles teammates. This question was undoubtedly in response to the way Eagles fans lustily booed their team following a porous effort coming off their bye week against Atlanta, a 30-17 loss that left the Eagles 3-4.

In case you missed it, you can hear the whole interview here. The comment in question comes at about the 3:50 mark. Here’s what Jackson said:

During the game, me and one of my teammates, he actually said, ‘Man, they are sitting there and booing us.’ For that to be our support team — Philadelphia fans, …

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76ers NBA Season Preview

76ers Will Be Led by Andrew Bynum This YearThe 76ers are poised to be the potentially bright light in what has been a dark and dismal year for Philadelphia sports.  With the Phillies’ unprecedented crash and burn, the Eagles’ season so far turning out to be a drama-filled disappointment, and the Flyers falling victim to the NHL lockout, many Philly sports fans are itching for the regular season basketball games to start.

And it’s no wonder why.

It is an exciting time for the Sixers.  After an improbable playoff run in June, which led them to Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals against the Boston Celtics, the Sixers have made some big changes in the lineup that presumably bode very well for the upcoming season’s prospects. However, there are many out there who …

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Ruiz to Return, Polanco Option Declined & More

Carlos Ruiz Will Be Behind the Plate for the Phillies in 2013Today the Philadelphia Phillies made many anticipated roster moves. All-Star Catcher Carlos Ruiz had his $5,000,000 option exercised by the team. Ruiz had a career year offensively with a slash line of .325/.394/.540 with his batting average & Slugging percentage both being career highs. His defensive impact was also felt and his leading of the pitching staff makes him one of the most important parts of the Phillies moving forward. Ruiz will be a free agent after 2013 if him & the Phillies cannot reach a contract extension.

Relief pitcher Jose Contreras had his option declined by the Phillies. Contreras was signed by the team in 2010 as a possible 5th starter but was moved …

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Nick Foles to Start on Monday Night Football?

Is Nick Foles Starting This Monday Night?Howard Eskin reported on Twitter earlier today that after meeting with his coaching staff yesterday, and earlier today, Andy Reid has determined Nick Foles will be the starting Quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles next Monday night in New Orleans.

If true, this could be a landmark decision by Reid. Most people know that 2 things are in play here. Michael Vick can be cut after the 2012 season, and the team would owe him nothing more, and only take a minor salary cap hit in 2013. All of Vick’s guaranteed money has been paid to him, and the mythical $100 million contract he signed, was never what it seemed to be.

The other thing is that Andy Reid is coaching to save his career in Philadelphia. …

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Is There Life After Andy Reid for the Eagles?

Is There Life After Andy Reid for the Eagles?Philadelphia has grown tired of Andy Reid. Despite an enormous amount of success (although incomplete), 14 years of no championships, blown timeouts, frustrating losses, imbalanced offensive performances, and press conferences full of “I need to do a better job,” fans want Reid gone.

I have generally been on the other side of coin when it comes to Reid. I understand how difficult (and kind of random) it is to win a Super Bowl, and his ability to keep a team consistently competitive is really impressive in today’s NFL. It’s supposed to be impossible to have 1 losing season in 12 years with a tight salary cap and an injury-filled sport with a lot of roster turnover from year to year. I don’t dismiss that level …

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Andy Reid’s Coaching Funeral Begins…

Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid's Job Is On The LineOn a rainy, windy, dismal Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles’ effort made the weather seem bright and sunny. And as poetic justice, the team decided to wear their awful black jerseys. The perfect color for a funeral, and that is just what Sunday was the precursor for. Andy Reid‘s slow march towards the end of his tenure as the Philadelphia Eagles had coach started Sunday, thus the funeral for his career in Philadelphia has begun.

How does a team that has 2 weeks off, and fires it’s Defensive (and Defenseless) Coordinator, come out and play incredibly soft in the first quarter? Poor preparation, and this is directly on the coaching staff. Bad and timely penalties, poor timing on blitzes, and just being …

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Media storm to make landfall on Eagles & Andy Reid after ugly loss to Falcons

Eagles Head Coach Andy ReidA storm is coming.

And no, I’m not talking about Hurricane Sandy, whose annoying nickname I will not use.

Sandy’s wrath is looming, but there’s another storm brewing and I don’t think there will be any shelter for Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid.

First, I would like to begin this by saying that I have been a staunch supporter of Reid over the years. His head has been called for several times, but unlike Ned Stark, he’s avoided the axe every time.

Now, after losing the first post-bye week game of his career and leading the Eagles to a 3-4 start, the organization may have no choice.

And for the first time in Reid’s tenure as Eagles head coach, I actually agree with it. This team continues to make the same old mistakes and we …

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Week 8: Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles at Waterloo

Eagles Head Coach Andy ReidThe Philadelphia Eagles emerge from the bye week with a 3-3 record on the heels of the figurative sacrifice of the oft criticized and frequently over matched “offensive-line coach turned defensive coordinator” Juan Castillo. Although most around the league (and fan base) knew the Castillo experiment was destined for failure, it regrettably took Andrew Reid and the rest of the Eagles brain trust 22 games to reach that conclusion – a frightening realization. However, despite the maddening mediocrity that has dominated the narrative of the 2012 Philadelphia Eagles – there still is reason to believe that the next 10 games may prove successful – and the requisite success needed to save Michael Vick and Reid’s jobs in Philadelphia may still be attainable. Many will say that the Eagles are one defensive stop …

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Danny Watkins Doubtful Sunday; Starting Spot in Trouble?

Eagles Offensive Lineman Danny Watkins Could Miss Sunday's GameEagles Offensive Lineman Danny Watkins missed practice this week with an ankle injury that Eagles’ head coach Andy Reid called a “chronic” ankle problem and rookie offensive lineman Dennis Kelly could start in his place. If Kelly doesn’t start it could be King Dunlap moving to the guard position and Demetress Bell once again starting at tackle.

If this is the first you’ve heard of Watkins chronic ankle injury you’re not alone. Reid said today that he injury was from before the Eagles drafting the 2nd year player and that he aggravated it in last week’s game against the Detroit Lions. If Watkins doesn’t play and the line excels without him on it don’t be surprised if Reid …

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