Andy Reid’s Coaching Funeral Begins…

Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid's Job Is On The LineOn a rainy, windy, dismal Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles’ effort made the weather seem bright and sunny. And as poetic justice, the team decided to wear their awful black jerseys. The perfect color for a funeral, and that is just what Sunday was the precursor for. Andy Reid‘s slow march towards the end of his tenure as the Philadelphia Eagles had coach started Sunday, thus the funeral for his career in Philadelphia has begun.

How does a team that has 2 weeks off, and fires it’s Defensive (and Defenseless) Coordinator, come out and play incredibly soft in the first quarter? Poor preparation, and this is directly on the coaching staff. Bad and timely penalties, poor timing on blitzes, and just being out played at home, after a bye week, cannot be excused. The head coach has to have his team ready to play, and the Eagles didn’t seem ready to play at any point in this game.

The defense was certainly the low point of this game, but the offense did not look ready either. We all know about Reid’s perfect record after the bye week, and he usually maintained that perfect record by having a flawless offensive game plan to come back with. After the Falcons went 80 yards in 7 minutes and scored a TD, the Eagles had their chance to answer. They answered by going 3-and-out, and you could almost feel the game was lost in those 3 bland, vanilla play calls.

The proclamation by owner Jeffery Lurie at the beginning of the season that 8-8 was not good enough for Andy Reid to keep his job seemed to make sense. Many feel that Reid should’ve been fired after last season’s disappointment. But Reid was given another chance, but clearly with high expectations. Sitting at 3-4 through 8 weeks, the Eagles would have to pull off a near miracle to not only save Reid’s job, but to even be close to making the playoffs in a very good NFC this season.

This team has shown no fight, almost no desire to get better. The rest of the season will be more than interesting in a city that loves to talk about the future of the football team. When does Nick Foles become the QB? Is Todd Bowles the answer as D Coordinator? How can the offensive line be reworked if Howard Mudd is fired? What will the D Line look like after Jim Washburn is fired?

It could be the most interesting final 9 games of any team’s season in the NFL because of all of the questions. This will not be an easy transition, seeing as not only would the coaching staff be replaced, but the players are “system” players, and they will need to be replaced, or “retaught”, how to play under a new coaching staff.

The one thing that is certain, is that barring a major, cataclysmic change, Andy Reid is coaching his last 9 games as the head football coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, and Sunday was the beginning of his Eagles coaching funeral precession.

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