Media storm to make landfall on Eagles & Andy Reid after ugly loss to Falcons

Eagles Head Coach Andy ReidA storm is coming.

And no, I’m not talking about Hurricane Sandy, whose annoying nickname I will not use.

Sandy’s wrath is looming, but there’s another storm brewing and I don’t think there will be any shelter for Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid.

First, I would like to begin this by saying that I have been a staunch supporter of Reid over the years. His head has been called for several times, but unlike Ned Stark, he’s avoided the axe every time.

Now, after losing the first post-bye week game of his career and leading the Eagles to a 3-4 start, the organization may have no choice.

And for the first time in Reid’s tenure as Eagles head coach, I actually agree with it. This team continues to make the same old mistakes and we get the same old answers from Reid.

Week 8 was a prime example of this.

Reid had two weeks to prepare for their match-up against the undefeated Atlanta Falcons and the “best” idea they came up with was firing the defensive coordinator, Juan Castillo, who actually had the defense playing fairly well.

Sunday, that defense without Castillo was chewed up by Matt Ryan and the Falcons won easily 30-17 at Lincoln Financial, where the boos came down harder than the rain.

At several points in the game, the crowd loudly chanted “Fire Andy.”

It was clearly heard on the FOX telecast and it will echo on local sports talk radio throughout the week.

The Eagles managed a “garbage” touchdown late to make the score look respectable, but let’s be honest, this team was flat-out run over on Sunday.

They had the ball for less than two minutes in the first quarter and the defense allowed the Falcons to score on their first six possessions to make it 30-10.

From drive one, the Eagles seemed to be out of this game.

The stats evened out a bit as the Eagles picked up some yards late, but they still were inefficient throughout the game.

Michael Vick couldn’t get anything going, and once again, Reid’s offense ignored one of the best running backs in the NFL.

LeSean McCoy finished with 16 carries for 45, seven of the carries came in the fourth quarter when the Eagles trailed 30-10, and six of those seven carries came on the Eagles touchdown drive that made it 30-17.

McCoy scored on a pass from Vick, one of his three receptions in the game.

How the Eagles most explosive player gets just 19 touches, and less than 10 before the fourth quarter, blows my mind.

It’s outrageous and needs to be explained.

But I’ve had enough with the explanations. This has been a common occurrence weekly and we never get an answer.

Reid will deflect the questions and say they do need to get him the ball more, yet they never do.

It’s these type things that never change that lead me to believe it’s time to move on.

Firing Reid at this point of the season will not likely lead to success for 2012, but keeping him on board may not either. Will an interim coach for nine weeks be worth it? In my mind, no.

And they likely won’t be able to hire a big name coach mid-season. I doubt Bill Cowher or someone of that ilk would be available mid-season, but that’s the type of hire they need.

So, with as much as I think a change needs to be made, I doubt it will be made mid-season.

Besides, this is the Eagles I’m talking about.

When something is not working, they stick with it.

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Jimmy Johnson

Jimmy Johnson is a Philadelphia native, who graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2005 with degrees in media communication and criminal justice. He got his masters degree in electronic media in 2009. He was a member of The Pitt News, rising to sports editor, and he's also worked for the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Lewistown Sentinel and the Reading Eagle, covering everything from the pros to the collegiate level to the prep level. He runs the Twitter account @Jimmysjargon providing witty and (hopefully) funny commentary on sports, specifically Philadelphia sports.