Nick Foles to Start on Monday Night Football?

Is Nick Foles Starting This Monday Night?Howard Eskin reported on Twitter earlier today that after meeting with his coaching staff yesterday, and earlier today, Andy Reid has determined Nick Foles will be the starting Quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles next Monday night in New Orleans.

If true, this could be a landmark decision by Reid. Most people know that 2 things are in play here. Michael Vick can be cut after the 2012 season, and the team would owe him nothing more, and only take a minor salary cap hit in 2013. All of Vick’s guaranteed money has been paid to him, and the mythical $100 million contract he signed, was never what it seemed to be.

The other thing is that Andy Reid is coaching to save his career in Philadelphia. As stated many times, owner Jeffrey Lurie said that an 8-8 season will not be good enough for Andy Reid to keep his job. This team may be lucky to finish 8-8.

Nick Foles could change Reid’s future. I stress COULD. This team needs to know what they have in Foles, and if he can be the future QB. He certainly showed something in the preseason and if Foles comes in and plays well the rest of the season, the owner may consider keeping Reid around to help Foles grow.

I think otherwise. I think if Foles plays well, he earns the starting position for next season, but there are many other problems on this┬áteam. Those problems are a direct result of drafting and coaching. Whether it’s the Jim Washburn “Wide 9″, or the Howard Mudd Offensive Line method, Andy Reid is responsible for it all. Signing big name, big dollar free agents, or extending contracts of aging veterans players, it’s all on Reid.

I fear that Nick Foles could come in, play great, and all of the other gaffs that Andy reid has made could be looked past.

Speaking of Foles, I am a graduate of the U of Arizona, so I am very familiar with Foles’ game. He did not play in a system that is anywhere near what the Eagles play. In fact, he played in a variation of the Run-N-Shoot offense that Sonny Dykes created. The one thing Foles is good at is getting rid of the ball quick. That would help mask some of the O-line mistakes. The problem is that he has never seen real NFL defenses, and he has never been game planned against at this level otherwise.

There will be a learning curve for Foles, but that is expected for a rookie. He wasn’t the 1st or 2nd pick overall, so he was not expected to save a franchise instantly. Interestingly, not only will Nick Foles have the opportunity to become the next possible starting QB for the Philadelphia Eagles, but he may “save” the job of the head coach. That would be a blind mistake.

So far many people in the Eagles organization have stated to other reporters that Reid has not made a change at quarterback so this is all a wait and see approach at this point but if the discussion is indeed happening it could be Reid’s last stand as Eagles head coach.

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