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Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick Will Lead His Team into the New Orleans SuperdomeTonight the Philadelphia Eagles will play the Drew Brees‘ led New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football. Both teams are in need of a win as the Eagles are 3-4 and the Saints are 2-5. The Eagles struggles have been well covered on this website and the Saints defense is one of the worst in the NFL this season.

Derek Sabato:

I don’t see a scenario in which the Eagles win this game. I’ve played it out in my head all week and not one of them resulted in a thought process leading to them winning. Michael Vick needs to light up the atrocious Saints defense to have some sort of shot at finishing the season as the Eagles quarterback. The Eagles have scored 12 touchdowns this year and the Saints have doubled that production. Drew Brees should have no problem exploiting the Eagles pass defense and I see a high scoring game.

Prediction: Saints 34, Eagles 30

Thomas Holzerman:

This team, man. I don’t know what to think of it anymore. Every week, I think they have it figured out, and then they go and lay a giant egg. Three game losing streaks don’t happen to good teams, or teams that have it figured out. After getting shellacked by the Falcons, do they have it figured out? I don’t know. What I do know is that the Saints are going to move the ball and score points. It’s inevitable, no matter how good or bad the defense is. The question then becomes will the Eagles score enough points to overcome the points Drew Brees and Co. are going to put up? The eternal optimist in me says they will, because Darren Sproles is out and the other running backs aren’t as good as advertised. However, Andy Reid is still calling the plays. I don’t have faith that they will be able to pull it out.

Prediction: Saints 38, Eagles 20

Dr. Hamato Yoshi:

In a must win situation for both quarterbacks, the Saints at 2-4 and playing at home are three point favorites over the 3-4 Eagles. The Eagles offense hasn’t scored over 24 points on the season, but look for Michael Vick to right the ship on Monday night. The Saints rank dead last in rushing and have just lost running back/special teams ace Darren Sproles for several weeks with a broken hand, so the Eagles secondary will be tested. Both teams should light up the scoreboard, this game will likely come down to turnovers. If Vick can play within himself and the defense can create a few opportunities, I see the Eagles in an upset 31-24.

Prediction: Eagles 31, Saints 24

Ryan Dinger:

Tonight’s game against New Orleans is undoubtedly the biggest of the year for the Eagles. The already quite large microscope through which this game will be viewed grew even bigger yesterday, when all three NFC East teams lost, providing the Eagles an opportunity to really make some headway in the division. Still, it is a tough matchup, facing a better-than-their-record-shows New Orleans Saints team with Drew Brees leading a high-powered offense. The Saints are going to score and score in bunches. The good news is their defense is pretty awful, which means, should things go according to plan, the Eagles will also be able to light up the scoreboard as well (something we’re still waiting to see from this offense). This game really seems like a toss up. My head tells me to go with the Saints, who are very tough playing in the Superdome. But my gut tells me this is the kind of game Andy Reid always finds a way to win–when his teams are seemingly down and out, and on the brink, Reid’s guys always find a way to win some games and stave off the demise of their season. I’m going to go with my gut on this one.

Prediction: Eagles 28, Saints 27

Matt Plunkett:

After another less than stellar performance last week against Atlanta, the Eagles have a great opportunity against the Saints on Monday night. The Saints have an awful defense and it could be just what the Birds need to get back on track. I have to believe the Eagles come out and play a great game. Vick and Reid both know as each game passes without a win they’re more likely to be elsewhere next season. The Eagles of 2 years ago show up this week. Look for 100 yards rushing and 2 TDs from LeSean McCoy and the defense will step up and get 4 sacks and a turnover. Not even this Eagles team can come out flat with their season on the brink.

Prediction: Eagles 31, Saints 24

Meredith Hays:

This is a make-or-break week for the Eagles.  With all division opponents suffering losses on Sunday, the Birds have been put in the perfect position to bring their playoff dreams back to life. Furthermore, they are playing the 2-5 Saints, who happen to have the worst defense in the league.  They are literally being handed a comeback on a silver platter.  Logic would say, they should win this one easily.

But it is the Eagles.

Andy Reid’s job has been on the line for quite some time now; Michael Vick’s too.  But despite talks of Nick Foles coming in as the starting quarterback (which were running rampant after last week’s disappointing loss to the Atlanta Falcons) Reid has decided that Vick will be taking the snaps this Monday night.  And last week’s loss was not really Vick’s fault.  The blame really belongs to the defense.  And the defense better be ready to make that up this week, because despite the Saints’D being subpar, Drew Brees never fails to throw up a good amount of points on the board.  But that’s their passing offense, which still has only managed to earn them two wins this season.  Their rushing totals have not been great thus far, and RB Darren Sproles is out, leaving Pierre Thomas with the duties on the run.  On the flip side, the Saints inability to stop the run is of the utmost importance for the Eagles, who manage to win games when Lesean McCoy has 20+ carries. Although the Saints have managed to give up a good amount of yardage on pass plays, the miserable Eagles offensive line and Vick’s propensity for turnovers makes me weary of relying too much on going deep (although the Saints’ secondary is shaky enough to allow DeSean Jackson to grab some big catches in the slot). My advice to Andy and Marty Mornhinweg?  GIVE SHADY THE FOOTBALL.

On the defensive side, I’d like to see big things come out of Mychal Kendricks, who is set to cover tight end Jimmy Graham.  As a rookie outside linebacker, Kendricks started this season so strong it was shocking.  Lately he’s be having problems with missing some big tackles, but he could be due for some big plays tonight.  DeMeco Ryans has established himself as a new leader for the Eagles defense. He is excellent against the pass and the run, and even serves as a solid pass-rusher.  I think he’ll be hugely important in containing the Saints’ offense tonight.  And last but not least is Trent Cole, who needs to get some sacks tonight. The Eagles have been without a sack since week 3, and that is not acceptable.  Considering the biggest threat to the Eagles is the Brees, we need Cole to step up and play like we know he can.

While I’d like to see a blowout, I still don’t know how much I trust this team.  I love the Eagles, and want the best for them…but I see them producing another stressful, down-to-the-wire game tonight.

Prediction: Eagles 27, Saints 24

Joe Corrado:

I predict the Saints will win against the Eagles tonight by a score of 27-24. The Saints will pobably tale advantage of the mediocre Eagles offense at home by scoring on their first few drives. The Eagles, as they have much of the season, will probably be working from behind offensively. Drew Brees will take advantage of a brutal Eagles D-Line that has been hapless and sackless during much of this post-Jimmy Johnson era to light it up during the first half.
The Eagles will most likely begin to surge offensively by the third quarter by utilizing the run as best they can without the luxury of 1) balanced playcalling by Andy Reid and 2) The benefit of Jason Peters paving Shady’s way. These 2 factors have hamstrung this offense all season. They will probably see a few big time catches by DeSean Jackson to set up a few field goals and perhaps a couple of scores, but in the end they will come up short as the Saints will manage to score in the second half to secure their lead. The usual hapless time management and at least one key turnover by Vick will doom the birds in the end. Sound familiar?

My heart wants the Eagles to pull this one out of course, but there is also a part of me, as I’m sure there is with many Eagles fans, that wouldn’t mind seeing a loss and hopefully a hastening of the demise of the Andy Reid era.

Prediction: Saints 27, Eagles 24

Paul Dorn:

It was a crazy week in the Philadelphia area. Hurricane Sandy reaked havoc in the area, and people are still recovering as we speak. A football game seems unimportant, but in this area, the Philadelphia Eagles can play the role of a great distraction. The season is literally on the brink this Monday in New Orleans. 3-5 will be nearly impossible to recover from. The Saints boast a historically bad defense through 7 games. They have given up more than 400 yards to every single team they have played. That said, they also have one the best QB’s in the league, and can be unstoppable on offense at times. I think this game will be fairly high scoring, and in the end, the Eagles find a way to win a close game on the road.

Prediction: Eagles 28 Saints 24

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