Nick Foles Can Dominate the Redskins Defense

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Nick Foles is the likely starter for the Eagles Sunday and he can dominate the Redskins DefenseEven though Michael Vick has not been officially ruled out for Sunday, for all intents and purposes, Nick Foles will be the Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback on Sunday. This will be Foles’ first career start in the NFL. Not only does his first start come on the road, but it is against an NFC East rival.  Add to it the fact that the season seems like it’s over, and a lame-duck head coach is at the helm, and it seems like a lot to put on a rookie’s shoulders.

Luckily, the secondary of the Redskins ranks towards the bottom on the NFL, and Foles should be able to exploit this weakness. Of course, if the Eagles come out and show no commitment to running the ball, things may become a little tougher for Nick.

Foles showed glimpses last week against the Cowboys. He was thrown into a difficult spot, and handled it fairly well. As the game went on, and the Eagles decided not to involve LeSean McCoy at all, Foles had to face a defense that knew he was going to throw on almost every down. Without being a part of the original game plan, Foles made due with what he could.

This week he will take all of the snaps with the 1st team. This should help him build a better rapport with his receivers. The timing was off a little bit last week, and a week of practice should help. He will also know the entire game plan, and that will give him an advantage.

At this point it seems like the only way Andy Reid can keep his job is if Foles comes in and plays “lights out”. History shows that quarterbacks drafted in the third round and beyond do not fair well as starters in the NFL. Foles has a lot going against him, but I think he will revel in this pressure and perform very well.

If the game plan is somewhat balanced, and the Eagles show a better commitment to running the ball, Nick Foles will be successful in Washington. He has great “pocket” mobility, and he always keeps his eyes down the field. Even with a beat-up O-Line, the Eagles should be able to keep the pressure off Foles long enough for him to get rid of the ball quick and on-time. Precision is something this Eagles passing game has been missing. Something else this Eagles team has been missing is a prototypical “pocket” passer. This Sunday, the Eagles can begin the process of seeing if they have their next possible franchise quarterback.

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