Eagles Release Former Pro Bowl DE Jason Babin

Eagles release defensive end Jason BabinIn stunning (or not so stunning) news today it’s been announced that the Philadelphia Eagles have released former Pro Bowl Defensive End Jason Babin. The 32-year-old 8-year veteran went to the last two Pro Bowl’s but has suffered a huge decline this year for the Eagles. He excelled in playing in the Wide 9 base under Jim Washburn for a total of 30.5 sacks in the two seasons before this season where he only had 5.5 sacks and 21 solo tackles. Babin earlier this year angered fans by questioning their loyalty from the vile chants that he supposedly heard. Babin’s regression is not surprising in the 8th year of a career of a defensive end but the staggering falling off from last year is what makes it more amazing. Babin will have to pass waivers before another team can sign him.

Babin was a former first round draft pick of the Houston Texans (#27 overall) and the pick was acquired from the Tennessee Titans who would sign him later on in his career. He was traded to the Seattle Seahawks in 2007 for Michael Boulware and cut the next year. The Kansas City Chiefs signed him for the remainder of the 2008 NFL season where he was a free agent at the end and signed by the Eagles. Babin signed with the Titans and had the year I talked about above which turned into the Eagles signing Babin to a 5-year deal worth $28 million.

This move will provide the Eagles the ability to see what the younger players on the line (Brandon Graham & Vinny Curry) can do for the team in the future. This is not known at the time if this move is to take some heat away from Jeffrey Lurie not firing Andy Reid (half kidding about that.)

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