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Dirk Koetter to interview for Eagles Head Coach Job’s Alex Marvez is reporting that Atlanta Falcons Offensive Coordinator Dirk Koetter is set to interview with the Philadelphia Eagles for the open Head Coach position. He also has interviews set up with the Kansas City Chiefs & Cleveland Browns. Koetter was mentioned by’s Paul Dorn a couple weeks ago as a replacement for Andy Reid after his eventual firing. The 53 year old coordinator has never been a Head Coach in the NFL but has coached in the NCAA.

Koetter coached Boise State from 1998-2000 compiling a 26-10 record leading them to two bowl victories. After 2000 he was hired by Arizona State and in his first season went 1-7 before finishing his time there in 2006 with a 40-34 record and a 2-2 record in bowl games. He was hired by the Jacksonville …

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Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid Fired

End of an Era: Andy Reid is fired as Philadelphia Eagles Head CoachIt’s finally official according to The man who led the Philadelphia Eagles to 1 Super Bowl and 5 NFC Championships has been let go by Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie. A lot will be said (and has already been said) about the head coaching tenure of Andy Reid. One thing is not in doubt and that’s Andy Reid as of right now is the greatest head coach in the history of the franchise. He will be remembered for many things…some positive & some negative.

The positive things is he brought in a franchise quarterback in Donovan McNabb and led the team to 5 Championship games. He brought in quite possibly the best Defensive Coordinator the city will ever see (and defensive mind over Buddy …

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Eagles end the 2012 Season with Loss to Giants

Michael Vick more than likely has thrown his last pass as a Philadelphia Eagle.The Philadelphia Eagles’ 2012 season ended today at Metlife Stadium with a truly horrifying loss to the New York Giants, 42-7. The 14th season of Andy Reid as the Eagles head coach has also ended and quite possibly has coached his last Eagles game. There was nothing redeeming about this loss or the qualify of the effort put out on the field by many players on the 4-12 team. Michael Vick started the game and Trent Edwards finished it. Nnamdi Asomugha was benched.

The game started exactly like Reid’s coaching career in Philadelphia began…with a recovered onside kick. It would last all of 5 plays before Vick threw a ball over Brent Celek‘s head and landed in …

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Eagles Potential Draftees for the 2013 NFL Draft

Could the Eagles draft Luke Joeckel in the 2013 NFL Draft?With one week left in the NFL season, all Eagles fans can cheer for now is a high draft pick. The Eagles can pick no higher than 4 but no lower than 10. Most likely they will hold the 4th, 5th or 6th pick. This year’s draft class is nowhere near last year’s in terms of QB, but it is a very deep class in other areas. The Eagles and whoever is running the show in late April, can NOT mess this one up. This is a direction changing draft pick, and can make or break a franchise.

Let’s take a look at who may be available when our Eagles are “on the clock.”

OT Luke Joeckel, Texas A&M

No one can, will, or has been “excited” about drafting an offensive lineman, …

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Michael Vick to Start for Injured Rookie Nick Foles

Michael Vick will start at least 1 more game for the Philadelphia EaglesPhiladelphia Eagles fans get to watch Michael Vick work his magic on the field one more time this season. After Nick Foles was named the starter for the rest of the season, regardless if Vick was healthy, I thought we would never get to watch him take a snap in an Eagles jersey again. Luckily for all of those Vick fans, he will be the starter against the New York Giants Sunday. Unfortunately Foles will be sitting out due to a hand injury.

The second half against Washington was disappointing and started to make Foles seem like he may not be the quarterback many thought he was. However, reports have come out that Foles played the second half against the Washington Redskins with a …

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The NFL’s Fairytale of Los Angeles

Let’s step outside the Delaware Valley for a second, shall we? The big off-the-field news this week is that the Buffalo Bills have reupped their lease with Ralph Wilson Stadium for another seven years. That means they’ll stay put in Western New York until at least through 2019. With the stadium deal going through in Minnesota, the list of prospective teams to relocate to Los Angeles seems to be dwindling down to one, the Jacksonville Jaguars.

My question is why?

Los Angeles is a lucrative television market. It’s the second largest metropolitan area in the United States with over 17 million people in its expanded metropolitan area. There are a lot of television sets and a lot of people who would buy tickets if a team were to land there. Then again, it’s not like LA has been a booming area in the last 20 years. It’s pretty much been an urban …

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The Fan, The Family: Thoughts on Newtown

A week has now passed since the unconscionable mass slaughter of innocent elementary school children in Connecticut, and somehow I almost feel guilty discussing the topics of local and national sports. Many say that sports is a necessary distraction from the turmoil of every day life, but for those like myself, who happens to be the father of a child in elementary school and just at the age of the shooting victims, it’s still difficult to fathom what exactly happened last Friday, and most especially why. More importantly, it puts into focus the truly important things in life, the love and safety of your family.

Consider the trivial matters we concern ourselves with in the world of local sports: Should we pay Josh Hamilton $15 or $20 million per year? Should we let Andrew Bynum go after this season without an extension? Will we have a hockey season at all? Will …

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Andy Reid to the Eagles Front Office?

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Will Andy Reid be joining Jeffrey Lurie as an Eagles front office member after the season is over?What would be the reaction if Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie announces after the season that Andy Reid will be staying with the organization?

Amongst Eagles fans, I’d imagine the overwhelming reaction would be outrage. Add to that dissapointment, anger, betrayal…

There has been discussion over the air waves and in the written media lately,  that something like this just may happen. Most agree that Reid will not be the Head Coach anymore, but the possibility exists that he could move to the Front Office, in some capacity.

The Eagles are in the position they are in right now because of Reid. He not only has been the coach of this football team for the past 14 seasons, but he also has chosen …

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Why the 76ers NEED Jrue Holiday

Philadelphia 76ers Point Guard Jrue Holiday has missed games due to a foot injury and the 76ers need him back.The last few 76ers games have shown us that the absence of Andrew Bynum isn’t necessarily the difference-maker this season; the team is lost with Jrue Holiday.  Holiday, who suffered a foot sprain foot during last Wednesday’s game against the Chicago Bulls, has been sorely missed.  Since the loss to the Bulls, the 76ers have lost four consecutive games to the Indiana Pacers, the dismal Los Angeles Lakers, the Dallas Mavericks and last night’s loss to the Houston Rockets.  Not only did they lose, they lost winnable games.  The Lakers have been a mess, the Pacers are nothing to write home about, and the Mavs are playing without their star Dirk Nowitzki.  For all …

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The 76ers had no chance against the Rockets

Kwame Brown provided little help the Philadelphia 76ers in their loss last night to the Rockets.It’s another night and another loss for the 76ers when they faced the Houston Rockets and lost 125-103. When you’re facing a team that has a 7 foot center that’s averaging a double double, you might want to have a couple of big guys to play. Maybe, change your strategy a little, knowing that your team is already shorthanded and try to keep up with a team whose breakout star is is known to run… and run… and run.

The Houston Rockets, with James Harden breaking out as a star in the NBA, can be dangerous to mid-level teams, like the 76ers. But, tonight, the Sixers needed to have someone that could handle Omer Asik, the Rockets 7’0″ center who went …

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