The 3 Best Head Coach Options for the Eagles

Who will replace Andy Reid as the next Eagles coach?We all know that the Andy Reid era will be ending. Whether it’s in 5 games from now, or sooner, Reid’s reign will come to an end. I am gonna take a positive stance and realize that even though the last 2 years have been a dumpster fire, Andy Reid is the greatest, and most successful coach in Philadelphia Eagles’ history. There is no argument. Period.

Obviously the luster on Reid has worn off in this town. But remember, Reid himself created these high expectations every year, because the Birds were always competitive under Reid. Minus the last 2 years, Reid is considered 1 of the most successful coaches over the past 14 years. Yes, he never won a Super Bowl, but he made and kept the Eagles competitive, and towards the top of the NFC for a long time. Every week mattered, and that is hard to accomplish consistently over that time span.

Everyone seems to want some dinosaur of a coach to come in to “resurrect” the Eagles. I am here to say that will not happen. The names we constantly hear are Gruden, Billick, and Cowher. Jon Gruden, for all the glamour he has received as an analyst, did not have a great record as a head coach. He inherited Tony Dungy‘s Tampa Bay team that won the Super Bowl. After that season, he had a record of 45-48 and was run out of town quicker than Reid will be here. Bill Cowher didn’t win the big one until his 14th season. Brian Billick is a great offensive mind, but without the historical defense that he had in Baltimore, he never would have won anything.

None of these guys will bring the Eagles to the promised land. Plus, they will most likely want a lot of money and total control. Howie Roseman is the General Manager of this football team for the forseeable future, and he will be making the footbal decisions. Whether that’s a good thing or bad thing, that is how it’s gonna be. In accordance with that, the Eagles need to find a “diamond in the rough” type of coach. I have compiled a list of the 5 best potential candidates for the Eagles and their future..

1. Vic Fangio  – Defensive coordinator, San Francisco 49ers

The architect of the league’s best defense for the past 2 seasons, he is going to be high on everyone’s wish list. Granted, he has some amazing talent to coach, but he did install the system that they are running, and it has been very affective.

2. David Shaw – Head Coach, Stanford Cardinal.

Shaw has experienced great success since Jim Harbaugh has left. He did have Andrew Luck last season, but this season the team is arguably better. And that is after losing a number of players to the NFL draft, including Luck. He has ties to the NFL, and he even spent time coaching with the Philadelphia Eagles.

3. Dirk Koetter – Offensive Coordinator, Atlanta Falcons

Koetter has head coaching experience, he led Boise State for 3 years, and then coached the Arizona State Sun Devils for 6 years. He has since been an offensive coordinator in the NFL ever since. This season he has been able to help the Atlanta Falcons to their league best 11-1 record.

These are only 3, but I feel the best 3 possible options to take the Eagles to the next level, and win the Super Bowl that has eluded the city for over 40 years.

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