Justin Upton for Cliff? Victorino Signs with Boston

Could Justin Upton be headed to the Phillies for Cliff Lee?ESPN’s Pedro Gomez is reporting negotiations are ongoing between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Philadelphia Phillies in what could be a major blockbuster trade. Gomez reports that young stud outfielder Justin Upton would be coming over from Arizona for Cliff Lee and the Phillies would be kicking in money to complete the trade. The market for outfielders is slim in free agency and there are pitchers available. This would be the second time Ruben Amaro Jr. has traded the former Cy Young winner if the deal comes to pass.

Justin Upton has a career slash line of .278/.357/.475 and has played right field his whole career in Arizona. The move would put Upton in right field and possibly Domonic Brown in center with Darin Ruf in left field. The move would also mean the Phillies rotation would look like the following if they do not sign any additional starting pitchers: Roy Halladay/Cole Hamels/Vance Worley/Kyle Kendrick/Tyler Cloyd?

Upton hit for career highs in Home Runs (31) and RBIs (88) in 2011 but had a little bit of a rough season only hitting 17 home runs and 67 RBIs in 2012. Upton is owed $38.5 million dollars over the next 3 years.

Lee struggled in the beginning of last season and finished with an awful record (6-9) but had a 3.16 ERA in 2012 and had 207 strikeouts. He is still owed 3 years and $87.5 million remaining so they would be sending A LOT of money to get this deal done if this is the full parameters of it.

Ruben Amaro has said the rumor is false and so has the Arizona Diamondbacks’ manager Kirk Gibson but where there’s smoke there could be fire…

Also reported today by Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe is that the Boston Red Sox have reportedly offered former Phillies center fielder Shane Victorino a 3-year $39 million dollar contract to which I say…aloha Mr. Victorino. Your time was great here in Philadelphia but that’s about as far away from a contract number I can imagine a team paying for. If he gets that deal the market on Michael Bourn has to be INSANE.

5:38 PM Update: It is now reported that Shane Victorino has signed with the Boston Red Sox. No terms on the agreement were announced but if the rumor was correct that’s a huge pay day for someone that had a really awful contract year.

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  1. For the love of GOD, do not do this deal…..Cliff Lee, like Doc, Chase, Ryan, and Jroll, should retire Phillies! The Upton boys are so overrated!!!! Leave the Outfield as it is, Brown in RF, Mayberry in CF, and Ruf in LF…bring up Cody Asche to play 3B, too!