The Nick Foles Era Begins Right Now for the Eagles

Nick Foles is the new starting Quarterback for the Philadelphia EaglesGet ready Philadelphia Eagles fans. Nick Foles is your starting quarterback for the remainder of this dismal season.

This isn’t something to take lightly as it’s been thought about and analyzed by the top people running the Philadelphia Eagles. Try not to laugh at that one as most of the people around the country have been laughing at the state of the team. This decision has come because Michael Vick can not see straight. He can’t pass the concussion tests being given to him. Foles should take note of Vicks mental state right now, as he very well could be there, shortly.

I understand your trepidation in this move. Andy Reid has a way of publicly giving a job to a guy only to take it away, shortly there after.

In his day after press conference, Reid announced that Foles was the starter for the remainder of the season, regardless of Vick’s health. As Andy is prone to do, he announces this as if it’s set in stone when it’s really just a distraction from the chaos that has become the Eagles organization of late.

Make no mistake about it, Reid is still in charge of this team and the way he wants it run is how it’s going to be run. You have to give the guy credit. He’s not quitting, he’s not ducking his head, he’s not turning his back. He’s out front, saying nothing but taking the responsibility for it with his usual, “I have to put the team in a better position” nonsense. As fans, we’ve heard it all before, but this is the worst it’s been since Andy took over. When he first took over the team, even though they weren’t good, he was starting and putting pieces in place to build the team in to something great, which it was. The issues lately have been that Andy hasn’t properly filled positions as they’ve become vacant.

Whether it’s a coach () or if it’s a player (Donovan McNabb, Terrell Owens, Jeremiah Trotter, etc.) as the years have gone on, Reid has failed repeatedly in his quest to replace those people with people of an equal or close to equal standard, let alone finding someone that exceeds the previous one.

For years McNabb was the face of this franchise and always, always, always towed that company line. Until he couldn’t any more. If you look back, McNabb was a mobile QB that played well and then Reid tried to mold in to a pocket passing QB. While the experiment had its ups and downs, Reid never gave McNabb the weapons to succeed. He was saddled with Pinkstons, Thrashs, Mitchells, etc. Yet, every year it seemed that #5 would pull it out in the end. He was always there and whether you like it or not McNabb was the one who carried the Eagles on his back.

Reid tossed him aside like an old pair of shoes when he found a newer model that he like.

Vick was Reid’s personal reclamation project. He would take this former #1 draft pick, former federal prisoner, former animal killer and make him an All-Pro. He would show everyone that he could do with Michael Vick what he couldn’t do with his own children. He would use Vick, as he had McNabb, to show the world he knew better than anyone. The problem is that he doesn’t. Andy never uses these above average players to the best of their ability. He takes Vick, one of the most elusive and fastest QB’s to ever play the game and sits him in the pocket only to get destroyed by defenses set up to attack. All you have to do to beat Vick is confuse him with your looks and, since Andy has taken away Vick’s legs, you can just attack at will.

Vick, for all the pounding, has become the latest McNabb. He follows Reid’s lead and tells everyone all of the right things, that whatever is best for the team he will do. In his head he has to know that he shouldn’t be on this team if he’d like to play more. I think that he believed he would be given the reigns of a high speed machine and what he got was the keys to a slow, plodding, vehicle that needed better parts. When a guy can sling it like Vick can and you have players like LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, etc you don’t just throw the screen passes and short routes. You open up the field, but Reid can’t do that because he nor his offensive (meant both ways that you can mean that) coordinator refuse to embrace running the ball.

Only now, with the past few games and the inevitable start of the Foles era have they started running. Well, they started it with 1:45 seconds left in a game they were losing by 25 points by sending McCoy out to get slaughtered. Then, with McCoy and Vick sidelined, they started embracing the run with Bryce Brown.

It’s not that they have so much confidence in Brown as much as they’re not sure what they’ve got in Foles. He has seemed more comfortable as the past two games have gone along and hopefully produces and grows as the next few weeks play out, but nothing is guaranteed in this league and even less with Reid at the helm. What you can expect over the next few weeks is that the Eagles will get a good look at what Foles can be, without McCoy or Jackson, two of the better offensive players on the team. Reid will send him out there with Brown, Maclin, Riley Cooper, and Damaris Johnson.

Will Nick Foles, with all of the injuries to the line and key players, be able to show enough that the next coach will keep him on as the quarterback of the future? Will he survive the final four weeks of the season behind the current offensive line?

The only thing bigger than the Nick Foles situation is the Andy Reid situation as Reid sit atop the franchise he’s guided for 13 years and has to wonder where it all went wrong.

By my estimation, he still might have one more season to find out.

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Tim Sullivan

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