Report: Phillies offer Josh Hamilton a 3-Year Deal

Phillies have offered Josh Hamilton a 3-year ContractReports have surfaced from WIP’s Anthony Gargano that the Phillies have offered OF Josh Hamilton a 3 year deal worth $80 million. That would make him the highest paid player per season in the history of baseball. It is WELL worth it. Josh Hamilton is a premier player in the MLB and he has put up staggering numbers in the last few years. Adding him to a lineup that includes Ryan Howard would be lethal for opposing pitchers. There is not much risk in this contract, as it is only 3 years. Hamilton will be good for AT LEAST two more years, and he would prolong the current Phillies chances to win another World Series with this core of players.

Let’s take a look at what the projected lineup would be with Hamilton. Keep in mind, I am removing Jimmy Rollins from the leadoff spot because you HAVE to do that with this many lefties.

1. Ben Revere

2. Michael Young

3. Chase Utley

4. Ryan Howard

5. Josh Hamilton

6. Jimmy Rollins

7. Domonic Brown/Darin Ruf

8. Carlos Ruiz

This creates a huge problem for any pitcher facing the Phillies. Pitch around Utley? You get Howard. Pitch around Howard? You get Hamilton. You simply can not pitch around that many guys and expect to succeed as a pitcher. This also creates an above average platoon in Dom Brown and Darin Ruf, as each can bring his own set of skills to the lineup. It also relies less on them to have breakout seasons.

The biggest thing Hamilton can add to this team (other than the perennial .290-35-110 line) is the protection of Ryan Howard. If Ryan Howard has protection like Hamilton, we can expect him to return to the 40 HR, 120 RBI hitter that he is being paid like. In baseball, one guy can add a tremendous amount to a lineup. It makes everyone else better, and as mentioned above, it offers protection to guys who would not have had it originally.

Trust me. As a Phillies fan, you WANT Josh Hamilton. He offers everything you need for a corner outfielder. Not many people realize he is also an above average fielder. With Revere in center, it makes Hamilton’s job a lot easier, which makes him look a lot better.

Just think about it…”That retires the side for the Mets here in the 7th, with the score tied and the heart of the Phillies order coming to bat.” Then as the camera fades into commercial you realize something. Utley, Howard, and Hamilton are the heart of the order.

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Josh Collacchi

Josh is what we like to call a "4 for 4" Philadelphia sports fan, who lives in northern Delaware. Season ticket holder to the Phillies and former season ticket holder for the Eagles, Sixers, and Flyers. Currently attending Wilmington University majoring in Business/Sports Management. He works for the local utility company but, as most of us, his real passion is Philadelphia Sports. Follow him on Twitter @JCollacchi

8 Responses

  1. Tim Sullivan says:

    Josh, my question seems simple to me, but I’m asking it anyway.
    Why in the world would you bat Hamilton 5th? He’s arguable one of the best hitter in the game. Utley is coming off of a season where he struggled and isn’t the teams best hitter any more. The 3 spot is reserved for your best hitter. I definitely think that you can put Revere in the leadoff, but move Rollins and his never ending string of popups to the #2.
    1. Revere
    2. Rollins
    3. Hamilton
    4. Howard
    5. Utley
    6. Young
    7. Brown/Ruf
    8. Ruiz
    It would give more speed and power at the top of the lineup and balance out the rest towards the bottom. Just a thought.

  2. Tim,

    The lineup I projected is what I think Charlie will do. If he hits 5th he protects Howard. Also, Rollins would be an abysmal 2 hitter, he is horrific as a situational guy. I would not be upset if Hamilton hits 3rd, but I think Charlie will keep Utley there. If I were mananaging I would have:

    1. Revere
    2. Young
    3. Hamilton
    4. Howard
    5. Rollins
    6. Utley
    7. Brown/Ruf
    9. Chooch

    I would LOVE if Hamilton hit 3rd, but I cant see Charlie doing that, he is too loyal to his guys, and it could be his downfall.

  3. phdave says:

    Explain the credible source. Fake twitter accounts are now credible sources?

  4. Derek Sabato says:

    It was reported by Anthony Gargano on WIP. A fake Twitter account reported he had signed with the Phillies.

  5. NoName says:

    “Protection” for a hitter is a concept that the sabr-types say has never been proven to exist. Even if you assume it does exist, saying the presence of Hamilton protects Howard assumes pitchers have been pitching around Howard. They haven’t pitched around Howard for a few years now because they know they can get him out. He can’t hit a good fastball and is absolutely hopeless against a lefty, even if the lefty isn’t very good. He is basically a mistake hitter at this point.

    If Michael Young can get part way back to where he was in 2011, I’d go with this lineup:

    1. Revere
    2. Utley (much better OBP than Rollins)
    3. Young
    4. Hamilton
    5. Howard/Ruf (at least give Ruf a shot. Howard needs to platoon with somebody)
    6. Rollins
    7. Ruiz
    8. Brown/Mayberry

  6. Tommy says:

    I like the scenario of a Utley, Howard, Hamilton, heard of the order lineup. Now that we’ve brought in a Michael Young and Ben Revere, this can be dangerous offensive lineup alah 2008. Phillies must have a hard-on for left handers…but then again Josh Hamilton will triumph over a Raul Ibanez, Hunter Pence, Jason Werth anyday of the week. Are they good enough to get back to the postseason…assuming utley & howard can return to play like Utley & Howard, absolutely. Good enough to get back to the World Series, I wouldn’t hold my breathe unless the bullpen is playing lights out like it did in 2008. That’s going to be the deciding factor, aside from that, I like a Josh Hamilton signing to compliment this lineup. Here’s how I would draw the lineup up.

    1.) Rollins
    2.) Revere
    3.) Young
    4.) Hamilton
    5.) Howard
    6.) Utley
    7.) Ruf
    8.) Brown

  7. Tommy and NoName,

    I like both of your lineups, but have some comments.

    NoName, I agree Howard struggles against lefties, but I can not see a situation where he does not play every day if healthy. I would definitely give Ruf a shot at 1st when Howard sits though, to keep everyone fresh.

    Tommy, I assume you meant Ruf/Brown platoon then Chooch in the 8 hole, otherwise one of them is catching!

  8. BigName says:

    That source is not credible whatsoever, only saying things to get a rise out of the fans and put his name out there.