Eagles Problematic Spots for the 2013 Season

Eagles Safety Kurt Coleman has been a libility in the secondary.With no hockey season, Phillies winter wrapping up, and the Sixers sitting second to last in the Atlantic Division, there is not much to talk about. One thing that many fans have already been discussing is what should the Eagles do for next season. When will we get rid of Andy Reid? Who will replace our secondary? Is Nick Foles the future of the franchise?

I assumed with the rest of the city that Reid would be gone at the end of the season. We knew he would be able to finish out at least the season. Now, I am not so sure. With one year left on his contract, it is always a possibility that he will be standing on the sidelines for one more torturous year. I know the smart move would be to pack his bags and hand him a plane ticket to San Diego. But honestly, when has Jeffrey Lurie made the smart decision? On the other hand, Lurie may surprise us and fire Reid the day after week 17. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT get your hopes up for a big name coach to come in and take over. There is a small percentage chance that the next Eagles head coach will be a big name like Jon Gruden. That is okay. Do not panic. A team that needs to re-build and find a new identity needs a newer face at the helm.

The Eagles secondary was disastrous this year. There is nothing more frustrating than a defense that cannot tackle or know their assignments. There needs to be a complete change at the safety position. Kurt Coleman is atrocious. Nate Allen has been a disappointment. I was one of those who had been very excited about having him on our defense, but I am starting to reconsider my position. We may be able to keep him around and hope he develops, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. As far as the corners are concerned, they are still top corners.

Everyone has been quick to complain and hate on Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Nnamdi Asomugha. Ultimately poor coaching damaged them. When you go out and sign one of the best man coverage corners in the game and then throw him into a defensive scheme that has him playing zone, what do you expect. Plus Rodgers-Cromartie leads the team in interceptions with three. In the end, the corners should stay and they should allow them to do what they do best. The safeties? Hopefully we can draft one relatively early.

Since Nick Foles entered the week 10 game against Dallas, he has had a rating of 77.7. Through those six games he has thrown for 1,356 yards, five touchdowns, and four interceptions. During that period he is 1-5, including the loss to Dallas. Despite the record he has looked very good, including a game winning drive and play call to end the Eagles’ eight game losing streak. Standing at 6’6’’ and 243 pounds Foles certainly does have the size and a good college career. I am still not sold. Kevin Kolb had a good college career as well, and after receiving 21 million guaranteed of a 64 million dollar deal, was beat out by John Skelton. Reid has a history of being able to make mediocre quarterbacks look like a solid starting option. So I cannot get on the Foles bandwagon until I see what he can do under a new coach. I may be completely wrong. Foles could come in with a few games under his belt next year and be the real deal. That would be great and save us a draft pick. But I will not say he is the guy to get us back to our winning ways.

And do not forget, I still consider Michael Vick an elite quarterback. He marched down the field and won against Cleveland, Baltimore, and the New York Giants. Always remember, it could be worse, we could be the Jets.

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Matthew Regan

Matthew Regan was born and raised in Philadelphia. Naturally he grew up as a fan and has endured through all the troubles and bright spots that came along with being a Philly fan. Although he tends to have a different view than others he is always an interesting read. You can follow him on twitter at @MattRegan5