Andy Reid to the Eagles Front Office?

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Will Andy Reid be joining Jeffrey Lurie as an Eagles front office member after the season is over?What would be the reaction if Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie announces after the season that Andy Reid will be staying with the organization?

Amongst Eagles fans, I’d imagine the overwhelming reaction would be outrage. Add to that dissapointment, anger, betrayal…

There has been discussion over the air waves and in the written media lately,  that something like this just may happen. Most agree that Reid will not be the Head Coach anymore, but the possibility exists that he could move to the Front Office, in some capacity.

The Eagles are in the position they are in right now because of Reid. He not only has been the coach of this football team for the past 14 seasons, but he also has chosen the players and made the transactions to build the current roster. The players on the field ultimately decide the football game, but the coach and head of player personnel decisions is responsible for putting them in the position to succeed or fail.

The list of failed draft picks, mainly recently, is too long to list. And quite honestly, it’s also to depressing to continually rehash. The fact of the matter is, that Reid was a successful coach during his tenure in Philadelphia, but his draft picks, and player personnel decisions have left much to be desired.

To see Reid ascend to the Front Office makes some sense, business wise. The Eagles still owe him over $5 million for next season. If they fire him, they have to pay that money, unless he is hired by another team to coach next season. It seems that if Reid were to leave the Eagles, he would take at least a year off. Between the terrible football season he has just endured, and the horrible family crisis he has had to deal with, no one would blame him for taking some time away from the game to spend with his family.

If the Eagles decide to keep him on the payroll, but removed from the sideline, he would most likely become the team President. This would mean he would still maintain player personnel decisions, and that would make a lot of fans very unhappy. But Lurie and Reid are very close, and it will be a very hard decision for Lurie to make, if he decides to get rid of Reid.

So this Sunday could be Andy Reid’s last game on the sideline at the Linc as the Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach, but it may not be the last time, as an Eagle, that Reid roams the sideline.

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