Eagles end the 2012 Season with Loss to Giants

Michael Vick more than likely has thrown his last pass as a Philadelphia Eagle.The Philadelphia Eagles’ 2012 season ended today at Metlife Stadium with a truly horrifying loss to the New York Giants, 42-7. The 14th season of Andy Reid as the Eagles head coach has also ended and quite possibly has coached his last Eagles game. There was nothing redeeming about this loss or the qualify of the effort put out on the field by many players on the 4-12 team. Michael Vick started the game and Trent Edwards finished it. Nnamdi Asomugha was benched.

The game started exactly like Reid’s coaching career in Philadelphia began…with a recovered onside kick. It would last all of 5 plays before Vick threw a ball over Brent Celek‘s head and landed in Stevie Brown‘s hands. It was an awful throw by Vick as it sailed from him right from the start. Brown returned the ball to the Eagles 26 giving Eli Manning and the Giants offense great field position. Four plays later Manning connected with Rueben Randle on a 4-yard pass to give the Giants a 7-0 lead and that would be the last time the Eagles were in the game.

Manning eventually threw for five touchdowns on just 21 pass attempts. With completing just 13 passes in the game his ratio on touchdowns to pass attemps was a little under 25%! The Eagles secondary made it very easy for Manning to have his way with the team exposing Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Colt Anderson, Kurt Coleman & the previously mentioned Asomugha. Ahmad Bradshaw & David Wilson combined for 182 yards on the ground and Bradshaw scored one touchdown. Randle finished with 4 catches and 52 yards (2 touchdowns) and Victor Cruz caught 4 balls for 52 yards with 1 touchdown.

Vick has probably played his last game as the Eagles starting quarterback (and quite possibly his last game as an Eagle) and did not look good. He threw for one touchdown pass to Jeremy Maclin but overthrew a ball in the end zone when he dropped back…stopped…set his feet and never stepped into his throw or move his feet at all before letting go and still somehow threw it 8 feet too high.

The lack of effort in Reid’s last game was extraordinary. Players looked like they didn’t want to be there and looked very much like they dogged the game. Vick said after the game the effort was dismal and pretty much called out the roster and it was obvious that the team didn’t try.

It’s a shame it’s come to this. It really is. A team that started 3-1 and ends 4-12 is something that can’t be overlooked and also can’t over shadow exactly what Andy Reid has done in 14 years. I don’t know who comes back and who will get jobs elsewhere but a lot of players better hope no one watches the tape of this game in terms of being scouted for a job if the Eagles don’t keep them next year.

One NFL scout said to me recently, “Andy really is a good coach…They (Eagles) don’t place value on the personnel department and the GM (Howie Roseman)┬áis one of these new age/never scouted/smart guy who sweet talks the owner people.” The future does not look bright for the Eagles and this could be a LONG rebuilding project moving forward.

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Derek Sabato

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