Philadelphia Phillies Outfield for 2013

Phillies newest outfielder Ben RevereIt is a New Year and a clean slate for all Philadelphia sports teams. A clean slate is something that the Phillies need desperately. This team struggled with injuries and poor performance, which left fans angered and unsatisfied after a few years of success. Now it is time to get a younger roster, and keep the winning ways that we have all become accustom to still going. This started with a Phillies outfield that needed a lot of work and probably still does.

There were high hopes for the winter meetings this offseason. Many had thought we would get to see some big deal happen. Unfortunately those fire works never started. One of the biggest, maybe the biggest, outfielder available signed with the Angels for $125 million. Although it would have put people in the seats, the Phillies may have dodged a bullet not getting Josh Hamilton. They would have been paying two players over the age of thirty $25 million a year. On top of the age and salary, this may not be the best city to handle Hamilton’s off field dilemmas.

The winter was not a total bust for the organization, considering they were able to fill the center field spot. The Phillies traded away Trevor May and Vance Worley to obtain Ben Revere from the Minnesota Twins. A move that left some social network users upset and slightly confused. Who is this outfielder from Minnesota? Why are we getting players from a team that finished well below .500 and last in their division? These are just a few questions that I had read through. The only sensible answer to all of those questions is because a poor team does not mean all the players are poor performing.

Revere finished the season last year batting .294 with 40 stolen bases. He adds an element that the Phillies could really use, a true lead off hitter. Jimmy Rollins is a great short stop. He is a solid hitter with clutch hitting ability, but he has never really been a lead off guy. He sometimes tries to hit for power and seems to not be worried about getting on base. Revere on the other hand, doesn’t hit for power, in fact he has never hit a home run while in the show. He hit just a handful as a minor leaguer and gives the Phillies their best chance of having a lead off hitter who will get on base with speed.

As it sits currently the Phillies starting outfield would be Revere in center, Domonic Brown in Right and Darin Ruf in Left. The other options are Laynce Nix and John Mayberry. This writer however has no faith in Domonic Brown. The best thing the Phillies can do is trade him away to another system and get something worthwhile, like a young pitcher. Mayberry has spent time at all three of the outfield position, and although many feel we have see everything there is to see, I think he would be the best option we have for right field. Mayberry does not offer much power, but he does have the capability of going deep.

Right now there is not much out there as far as outfielders are concerned. Unless the Phillies can trade for a prospect that has big league potential, which could be a risky move given the line-up, Michael Bourn is the best option. Bourn would most likely push Revere to one of the other outfield positions considering he is a tremendous center fielder. Other than his fielding, Bourn’s speed is a big upside. With him and Revere at one and two in the line-up, it gives the Phillies a good chance at getting base runners in scoring position. They both can get on base and together totaled 82 stolen bases last season.

Bourn would be a solid option, but the organization may be content with what they have now. They could be confident and do absolutely nothing. An ideal out field would be Bourn in center with Revere and Mayberry in the corners. But if the options stay as is, hopefully we see Mayberry in a corner.

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Matthew Regan

Matthew Regan was born and raised in Philadelphia. Naturally he grew up as a fan and has endured through all the troubles and bright spots that came along with being a Philly fan. Although he tends to have a different view than others he is always an interesting read. You can follow him on twitter at @MattRegan5

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  1. mark r says:

    Based on the current roster your point is well taken,however,I hope we have seen the end of John Mayberry as any thing other than a pinch hitter.Brown has no value at this time.By the middle of spring training there will be outfielders available.Amaro will work his magic and fill the void then.Bourne is a retread .We do not have to add his salary to do what Revere will do.