2013 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings: QB

USC's Matt  Barkley is the #1 Ranked Quarterback for the 2013 NFL DraftFrom now until the NFL Draft, I will be watching tape and analyzing each and every player on these rankings. Expect a list of QB, RB, WR, TE, OT, OG/C, DE,DT, OLB, ILB, CB, S all to be out from now until late April, and a big board coming soon which will be updated as I see draft stock moving. The most important position in sports is QB, and unfortunately for the Eagles and some other teams, there is not a sure-fire franchise QB this year.

1. Matt Barkley, USC

If Matt Barkley came out last year, he may have been drafted in the top 10 by the Miami Dolphins instead of Ryan Tannehill. Barkley chose to stay at USC for his senior year for “unfinished business.” Barkley, like Jake Locker, made a mistake by going back to school. Barkley regressed greatly this year, and a shoulder injury at the end of the season did not help anything. But despite all this, he is still the best QB prospect in this year’s draft. Not saying much about the crop this year, but with all due respect, these kids are following Russell Wilson, Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, Ryan Tannehill, Brandon Weeden and Nick Foles. Matt Barkley has good, not great arm strength and is above average when it comes to accuracy. But if I were a GM, I would be scared away by the lack of intangibles from this kid. He does NOT show up in big games, and it could be argued that having two of the best receivers in college football helped him this year. I do not think any QB are worthy of a first round pick this year, but expect a team to reach for Barkley.

2. Geno Smith, West Virginia

I have heard a lot of people saying Geno Smith is the next dual threat QB to make it in the NFL. I think those people are dead wrong. First of all, he is not a great runner.  Smith is a great college QB, but so was Ty Detmer and countless others. Geno Smith is a product of a system and no offense, but he was playing some teams who were not quality defenses. James Madison, Baylor, etc. People will say 4000 yards 40 TDs 6 INT is unreal. I agree, that is phenomenal, but when Geno played teams with a decent defense, he was just average. WVU vs Texas Tech. 30-56 278 yards 1 TD. WVU vs Kansas State. 21-32 143 yards 1 TD 2 INT. That game should tell you all you need to know about Geno Smith. If you need reassurance, remember Pat White? I think, like Barkley, someone takes a flyer on Smith, but I can not see him translating to the NFL.

3. Landry Jones, Oklahoma

I am highest on Landry Jones for this year’s draft. He may not be the best, but you will get the most value out of him. Landry Jones is a 3rd round pick that could end up starting and being a good game manager in the NFL. Think Matt Hasselbeck. Jones has very good accuracy on any throw inside 25 yards, and he has the arm strength to get it down the field a few times a game. The only thing is his delivery, not the thriftiest of all motions. Someone may try to tinker with it, and we all know how that usually works out. I think Jones has the potential to be a very good backup or a starter for a team who needs someone to manage a game for them. Landry Jones put up 356 yards on Notre Dame this year, and dismantled Texas and Texas Tech. Landry Jones is the best value at QB in 2013.

Others to look at:

4. Tyler Wilson, Arkansas

5. Mike Glennon, NC State

6. Tyler Bray, Tennessee

7. E.J. Manuel, Florida State

8. Ryan Nassib, Syracuse

9. Brad Sorenson, Southern Utah

10. Collin Klein, Kansas State

Of the QBs above (from 4 to 10), I think Tyler Wilson is the only one who can be a starting QB in the NFL. He is a project, but like former Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett, he can be developed by a good coach. Mike Glennon is a name I have heard a lot by draft gurus, but basically he is just a poor man’s Joe Flacco, which, trust me, no one wants to start, but he could be developed in the right hands. Collin Klein will not be an NFL QB, he can not throw nearly as well as needed, and although he can run a little bit, no one is going to want him as a QB. Tyler Bray is an interesting project. He has some tools, but most wonder where his development was. Bray never seemed to blossom into what was he was originally projected to be, a top college QB.

These rankings are subject to change based on circumstances leading up to the draft, but they will be updated if need be.

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