Without Andrew Bynum, are the 76ers drowning?

Can the 76ers wait much longer without Andrew Bynum?The Philadelphia 76ers are a team built around a big man. The problem is, the big man has not played all season. The 76ers lost again a few nights ago to the Brooklyn Nets 109-89, and the story was the same. There was no presence in the middle, offensively or defensively as the 76ers were out-rebounded 50-32. Spencer Hawes and Lavoy Allen are just not big or strong enough (mentally and physically) to handle the job of a big man in the NBA. It is obvious this team is built around Andrew Bynum, but without him, this team is just not good enough.

With Bynum, the 76ers shooters have space, and they will be able to put up 100 points every night. But without him, and with Allen and Hawes afraid to go to the basket, there is no space for the 76ers shooters to operate. When Bynum comes back, or if Bynum comes back, this team will be good, but seeing as Bynum has just now been able to walk on a treadmill, 76ers fans are not holding their breath. We all agree that Spencer Hawes is not a legitimate NBA center, but when Bynum comes back, he will be a very good PF, as he will not have to worry about playing the middle. Also, Nick Young, Jason Richardson, and Dorell Wright will benefit from Bynum coming back as they will have room to shoot.

Expect the 76ers to be a contending team if and when Andrew Bynum comes back but, it may be too late. The 76ers sit at 15-22 and 4 games out of a playoff spot. If things do not turn around quickly, the “upgraded” 76ers may be in the draft lottery yet again, wait, never mind that pick was traded away. The 76ers HAVE to make the playoffs this year, because of the loss of a draft pick, and the rest of Philadelphia is sinking around the Eagles and Phillies.

Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday are a very good backcourt together, as they finally have figured out how to play with each other. But other than that, the 76ers do not have much talent, and it is not their fault. When a cornerstone is injured and can not play, things go downhill. Expect Bynum back by the end of the year, but only because he is playing for a new contract. Bynum was just cleared to start walking on a treadmill, and could be back in 4-6 weeks. By then, the 76ers could be 15 to 20 games under .500 and the season would be over. The only hope we have is if Bynum comes back as good as advertised and the 76ers can float at .500. Until then, we are back in what is all too familiar in Philadelphia. Basketball purgatory.

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Josh Collacchi

Josh is what we like to call a "4 for 4" Philadelphia sports fan, who lives in northern Delaware. Season ticket holder to the Phillies and former season ticket holder for the Eagles, Sixers, and Flyers. Currently attending Wilmington University majoring in Business/Sports Management. He works for the local utility company but, as most of us, his real passion is Philadelphia Sports. Follow him on Twitter @JCollacchi