Potential Trade Targets for the Flyers

The Calgary Flames' Jerome Iginla is someone the Philadelphia Flyers should look into acquiring to help turn the 2013 NHL season around.Normally, 9 games into the season is not a time to make moves, but in a 48-game shortened season 3-6 is not where you want to be. The Flyers have not been playing consistent hockey, and that is due to a lack of a veteran offensive presence. Jaromir Jagr seems to fit the bill. The only reason Jagr is not back with the Flyers this year is because GM Paul Holmgren was waiting for Zach Parise and Ryan Suter to respond to the offers before he offered a contract to Jagr. The two targets took longer than expected, and Jagr had an offer he couldn’t refuse in Dallas. The Flyers need a veteran forward who can ┬áput the puck in the net, especially since Scott Hartnell AND Wayne Simmonds are hurt. There are a few guys whose names have been linked to trade rumors, and the Flyers could be in the mix, as they have one of the deepest set of young talent in the NHL to use as trade bait.

The name that everyone has heard about is Jarome Iginla, a 35-year-old winger who has scored over 500 goals in his career. The Flames are not going anywhere anytime soon, and could be looking to move their older pieces to grow a new core. I think Laughton and a defenseman can get the deal done for Iginla. I, among countless others, like Scott Laughton. But, the Flyers system is FULL with two-way centers. Sean Couturier, Brayden Schenn already look like they are staying for good, and Nick Cousins is not too far behind. With Claude Giroux, Maxime Talbot, and Danny Briere on the roster, there is only so many centers an organization can have.

Another set of names are Ryan Getzlaf, Bobby Ryan, and Corey Perry, superstar forwards of the Anaheim Ducks. These three have been swirling in trade rumors for the last year, and although it is tough for one team to afford all these guys, I do not see how Anaheim will let Getzlaf and Perry go. That leaves one name, South Jersey native (Cherry Hill) Bobby Ryan. There is mutual interest for Ryan and the Flyers, for obvious reasons, and I have heard that before the lockout, the Ducks wanted to trade him, but were asking too much. I think Bobby Ryan will be a Flyer at some point in his career, but it depends how soon Holmgren wants to pull the trigger. If Brayden Schenn and a 1st round pick is offered, I think the Ducks will pull the trigger. I like Brayden Schenn, but I feel like his ceiling is nowhere near what Bobby Ryan’s is, and as mentioned above, how many two-way centers does one team need. If Holmgren can pull this off, the Flyers core is set for a long time with these names. Giroux, Ryan, Read, Voracek, Couturier, Simmonds, all under the age of 26 (Read and Ryan are 26 and 25, respectively). Pair this with a few veterans (Hartnell, Talbot, Briere) and the top 3 lines are the deepest in hockey.

If I am Paul Holmgren, I trade Brayden Schenn for Bobby Ryan or a Bobby Ryan-esque player. The potential for this team would be out of this world.

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Josh Collacchi

Josh is what we like to call a "4 for 4" Philadelphia sports fan, who lives in northern Delaware. Season ticket holder to the Phillies and former season ticket holder for the Eagles, Sixers, and Flyers. Currently attending Wilmington University majoring in Business/Sports Management. He works for the local utility company but, as most of us, his real passion is Philadelphia Sports. Follow him on Twitter @JCollacchi