Things ARE worse as the 76ers lose to Indiana 88-69

Paul George shoots over Evan Turner in the 76ers loss to the Pacers 88-69.Someone needs to knock some sense in to Doug Collins.

It’s obvious that something has to change or else the 76ers need to get a coach who can get something out of this roster. After last nights embarrassing 88-69 loss to the Indiana Pacers (31-19) the hometown 76ers (21-27) look as lost as they ever have been.

The team can not sit around and hope that Andrew Bynum somehow finds it in his heart to play for the team, if he has any heart at all. (Which is questionable, right now.) Jrue Holiday is the leader and a breakout star in this league amongst point guards but when he has a bad night, like last night, the rest of the team needs to step up.  This all comes down to Collins, and I hate to use an Andy Reid cliché, putting the right players in the right place to succeed.

Kwame Brown started, got to 6 minutes and was done. No points and 4 rebounds. That’s what he’s given you. Collins said that he’s not ready for more minutes. Then get rid of him. It can’t make the 76ers any worse. Lavoy Allen, despite 12 points and 6 rebounds, should not be on the floor as much as he is. Arnett Moultrie is your best bet as an inside force that other teams will have to contend with. I don’t buy the whole “he’s not ready for extended minutes” story that Collins has been putting out there. The guy is 22, 6’11” and 250 lbs. That’s someone that can be a force down low. You don’t take a first round draft pick and not play him, unless you’re Pat Riley. (See Dorell Wright)

Speaking of Wright, last night was he was spotted for 30 minutes on the floor. 9 points and 8 rebounds is unacceptable. The points are low for a guy with his talent, the rebounds are too many for a shooting guard to have. If you look at the team as a whole last night, it seems they could have won the game, had the starters not shot 15 of 59 from the floor. That’s not a misprint. 25% from the floor. Holiday was 7-22, Spencer Hawes 3-13, Nick Young 4-13, and Evan Turner 1-10. Combine that shooting with the fact that the 76ers only attempted 7 free throws and it’s a recipe for disaster. Disaster is defined as 69 points in a regular season NBA game.

Where do the 76ers go from here?

With Thaddeus Young out for three weeks, at least, and Bynum hurting his wrist signing all the checks he hasn’t earned, the lineup needs some change. I noted a couple weeks back that Hawes needs to be your center and get the most minutes at the spot. Collins took that advice well. Nick Young? He’s coming along well, so we’ll keep him in the lineup. Holiday and Turner are locks and shouldn’t be moved or tampered with, even if they have off nights. That leaves the power forward spot wide open. It’s all Moultrie. It needs to be. This season, and it’s painfully obvious, has been lost. The injuries and inconsistent play have doomed the team, so let the kid play. The only way to build up his endurance and get him in good “basketball” shape, is to actually let him play.

Last night, in 21 minutes, Moultrie had 12 points & 3 rebounds. There’s no way a guy like that should be getting half the minutes that Lavoy Allen is. Let Moultrie start and leave Allen as a power option off the bench where he’s suited.

So let’s look at the lineup. Hawes, Moultrie, and Turner up front with Young and Holiday in the back court. Someone, please, send this to Doug Collins.

If the 76ers aren’t winning, which they aren’t, and they aren’t playing well, which they aren’t, then changes need to be made. First is the lineup and rotation. Then it’s the coach.

Right now, if the coach doesn’t change the lineup, he needs to be moved.

We all love Doug Collins, but maybe the television booth is where he’s best suited.

The next game is Saturday, February 9th at 8:00 pm against the Charlotte Bobcats (11-37) in Philadelphia.

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