Michael Vick Gets Restructured Contract from Eagles

Michael Vick has had his contract renegotiated and will possibly remain with the Philadelphia Eagles next year.Chip Kelly has finally made a move with Michael Vick. To many fans displeasure, the Eagles have re-structured Vick’s contract and will not be releasing him for now. Many fans have been hoping that Vick would be released and Nick Foles would be Kelly’s guy under center to start the 2013 season. It could still happen, but is not likely. It has not been guaranteed that Vick will start and he will most likely have to compete against Foles.

Vick’s deal is basically a one year deal were he could make up to 10 million. This may seem high but it cuts out 5.5 million of what he was supposed to make this upcoming season. Do not think this means Vick will be with the team. This new deal makes it easier to move him and makes him a little bit more appealing to other teams. This is very unlikely but still a possibility. Obviously Kelly saw something in Vick that is promising and could work within the offense that he brings to Philadelphia.

In 10 games last year Vick threw 12 touchdowns, 10 interceptions and for 2,362 yards. A lot of people were unhappy with his play but the team had problems all over the field. When comparing him to Foles, by stats alone, they had very similar Total Quarterback Ratings. Vick finished the season with a QBR of 46.0 and Foles had a QBR of only 45.3.

The most important thing to remember with this restructured contract is that Vick is not being guaranteed the starting position. He will have to come into camp ready to compete with Foles and maybe even Dennis Dixon. This is truly the best option for the Eagles. It may not sit right with fans but there is no quarterback coming out of college that really stands out and Alex Smith just does not seem to fit in with whatever Kelly’s offensive plan is.

Do not fear Eagles fans. You must trust Kelly for now. He is very smart and could make Vick look good once again. That is if he can win the starting job.

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Matthew Regan

Matthew Regan was born and raised in Philadelphia. Naturally he grew up as a fan and has endured through all the troubles and bright spots that came along with being a Philly fan. Although he tends to have a different view than others he is always an interesting read. You can follow him on twitter at @MattRegan5

2 Responses

  1. Bjespo says:

    Well written article. Lets face it Vick is going to be a pawn
    For the draft or trade fodder.

  2. mark r says:

    the eagles kept the best available quarterback from the open market at a discount.