Shouldn’t Believe Anything You Hear About Andrew Bynum

Andrew Bynum is practicing but still not playing. Will we ever see him in a 76ers uniform?He is practicing, he has been cleared to do this and that, he should be ready to play after the All-Star break and he is doing much better. Anyone else sick of hearing these lines from the 76ers organization and Andrew Bynum? Well I am. I also sincerely apologize for my past posts about his return and how excited I was for it to help fix the 76ers. Although I did clear up that last one and claim that even if he did return he would not help the team.

Bynum will not be back. In fact until you see him walk out of the tunnel and onto the court fully dressed to play, do not believe anything team officials or Bynum says. The team has consistently lead us to believe he would be out there ready to play by now and multiple doctors have said many things and no one can give an honest outlook. He will probably not play this season. Who even knows if we will actually see him in a 76ers uniform. One thing is absolutely for certain, this writer will not be holding his breath. I fell for all the hopes and promises made before, but no more.

Why would Bynum want to come back this season even if he is healthy? The 76ers are a catastrophe. They sit at the bottom of the Atlantic Division, just a game ahead of the last place Toronto Raptors. What is even sadder is that they still have a slim chance of making the playoffs, where they would most likely be man handled by the Miami Heat.

No one should be surprised. The 76ers rank 29 out of thirty for points per game with 92.2 points. Only the Washington Wizards score less. Washington is the third worst team in the Eastern Conference. Our beloved 76ers also are ranked 25th out of thirty for Free Throw percentage. They rarely get to the line, but when they do they are terrible. Maybe we should want them to get fouled even less.

I do not want to rant too long on this topic because most of this is just repetitive. The team is struggling and no one knows how it will end. Bynum supposedly participated in 5 on 5’s. You can’t take this as a good sign because previously his “steps forward” resulted in more time away and eventually an indefinite return time. Even 76ers coach Doug Collins was quoted saying he was “unimpressed” with Bynum’s practice. So to wrap this up in one sentence; Bynum may never step onto the court in uniform for the rest of the year and at this point, who cares.

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Matthew Regan

Matthew Regan was born and raised in Philadelphia. Naturally he grew up as a fan and has endured through all the troubles and bright spots that came along with being a Philly fan. Although he tends to have a different view than others he is always an interesting read. You can follow him on twitter at @MattRegan5

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  1. Tim Sullivan says:

    Matt, I find it hard to believe that you don’t find solace in the fact that Lavoy Allen in on the team.

    That’s sarcasm my friend.

    Good piece.