76ers Show No Life in Losing to the Magic 98-84

Thaddeus Young attempts to defend in the Philadelphia 76ers' loss to the Orlando Magic Tuesday night.The good news is that Nikola Vucevic and Maurice Harkless played well Tuesday night as the 76ers lost 98-84 to the Orlando Magic. The bad news is that they did it while playing for the Orlando Magic. Vucevic had his way with Spencer Hawes and Lavoy Allen all night and finished with 12 points, 19 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 blocked shot.  Harkless had 10 points. Those are good totals for two guys that were supposed to be playing for the 76ers this year. As the 76ers (22-33) played their usual poor game against a, should have been worse, Orlando Magic (16-41) team.

The problem is that no one told the Magic they were supposed to lose. Vukevic is averaging just over 12 points a game to go along with 11 ½ rebounds. Those are pretty good number, but pale in comparison to what Andrew Bynum is doing for the 76ers. Wait. What? Bynum still hasn’t suited up for the 76ers? Oh yeah, I forgot. Sorry about that. At least we have Spencer Hawes and Lavoy Allen who combined for 10 points and 5 rebounds last night. That’s worth it, isn’t it?

The 76ers train is off the tracks, there are no brakes, it’s heading downhill and the conductor has fallen asleep, dreaming of a quality jump shooting team with a quirky and talented center who dominates that Eastern Conference. The reality is that the 76ers aren’t headed anywhere good. It’s over. The team shot 39% from the floor last night and that’s not winning any games at all. Jrue Holiday was 4-11 with only 9 points and 10 assists. It’s not what you expect or need from your best player. Down nights for this team aren’t acceptable. Evan Turner, relaxed after hearing his name in trade rumors for the past week, shot a cool 2-7 for 10 points to go along with 8 rebounds. The always sharp shooting Nick Young was 1-6 and finished with 3 points. Thaddeus Young was 4-11 with 8 points and 10 rebounds. Now, that I read that back, I don’t know how the 76ers managed to make it look as close as the final score shows.  When Damien Wilkins and Jeremy Pargo lead the team in scoring with 14 points each, it’s a very bad night.

This 76ers roster is filled with players that wouldn’t be on most teams benches, let alone getting quality minutes for an NBA franchise. The 76ers need new CEO Adam Aron to step up and take control of this situation. There needs to be a concerted effort to fix this team and it needs to start now. Doug Collins needs to go. After last night’s game he said that he goes to team president Rod Thorn and General Manager Tony Dileo and asks how he can do better. IF the coach doesn’t know what to do and the GM and President don’t know or are afraid to say, then the whole crew has to go.

There needs to be a new culture in the 76ers organization. It needs to be one of winning, competition, desire and talent. It can no longer be a team of “what if’s”, “never will be’s”, and “has been’s”. The whole roster needs to be blown up. The worst part about this whole scenario is that the 76ers will have to bring back Andrew Bynum, the tallest bowler in the Philadelphia area.  They made their mistakes by keeping Turner at the trade deadline. They brought in Nick Young. They traded away Vukevic and Harkless for Bynum and Jason Richardson. It’s time to take responsibility for their mistakes. It starts at the top and Adam Aron needs to step up and take control. If not we’re going to see this team continue to play with no energy or desire and keep losing to teams like the Orlando Magic.

The 76ers travel to Chicago to play the Bulls (32-25) on Thursday night at 8:00 pm.

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Tim Sullivan

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