Updated Look at Eagles Potential Draftees

Dee Milliner is someone the Philadelphia Eagles could look at with the #4 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.A lot has changed since the end of the College Football season. The Combine has happened, more tape study has happened, and we have heard the players speak. It looks more and more likely that the Chiefs will take Texas A&M’s Luke Joeckel with the first pick, and the Jaguars and Raiders will likely follow with defensive linemen. I expect the Eagles to have a choice between Sheldon Richardson, Demarcus Milliner, Jarvis Jones, Eric Fisher, and the rest of the crop. We know the Eagles will probably not take a QB in the first round, and there is not that stud WR or RB that comes out every few years. But the Eagles can still get a very good player at number 4 overall.

If I were the Eagles brass, I would take Dee Milliner. Undoubtedly the top cornerback in this draft, and his only knock was his athleticism. He CLEARLY proved at the NFL Combine that he was far more athletic than anyone gave him credit for. Milliner played his college ball at Alabama, and constantly played against some of the top WRs in the SEC. Milliner proved time and time again he can shut down half the field, and can come up and make a tackle at the line of scrimmage. Take a look at some highlights:

As seen in the video, he matches up and shuts down Cordarrelle Patterson and Justin Hunter from Tennessee, who are two top WR prospects this year. He also defended a lot of quick slants very well, which is a staple in the NFL. Milliner will be a very good corner in the NFL, and if the Eagles are fortunate enough to draft him, they should pounce on the opportunity.

Should Milliner be gone (which I doubt) by the time the Eagles pick, that means one of Luke Joeckel, Shariff Floyd, or Sheldon Richardson are available. Any of these three players will be pro bowlers, but I believe Joeckel will be a perennial all-pro for years to come. Sheldon Richardson is a rare mix of power and speed, similarly to last year’s DT prospect Dontari Poe. But Richardson is a lot more refined than Poe, and can be a force in the NFL in the right system.

Whoever the Eagles take, they cannot miss this year. As you can see around the league, if you miss early in the draft it will hold you back for a long time.

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Josh Collacchi

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