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Chip Kelly is the Philadelphia Eagles' fans hope to move the team towards a Super Bowl victory.Most of us here in the Delaware valley are 4 for 4 sports fans. As 94WIP’s Anthony Gargano describes “4 for 4″ is what many call a true sports fan. A “4 for 4″ fan is a fan of all four major sports teams in your city. Made famous in Philadelphia, and deservedly so. Most of us like the Flyers, 76ers, Phillies and Eagles. I have talked to dozens of people in the media or people who travel all over to watch sports. They all say the same thing, “Philadelphia is different” they say, “Everyone likes all the same teams, everyone’s mood flows the same with the sports world.” That is why Philadelphia, and in particular Philadelphia sports are so great. I once heard a man from New York who came down to Philadelphia for a Phillies game. He said, and he quoted his young son, “Dad, I want to live here, everyone likes the same teams, it’s like…a family.” If you tear up when you hear that, you are a Philadelphian, and a Philadelphia sports fan.

That quote will forever stick in my mind, hearing a child from New York say that. We all know the innocence of a child, but to hear one say something of that magnitude, you begin to think. There are “4 for 4″ sports fans all over the country, but I can guarantee you, no one is like us, the Philadelphia fan. More of us are fans of our own teams, and we can not fathom the idea of people elsewhere. We all know that person who likes the Lakers, the Cowboys, the Blackhawks and the Celtics, and that is ok, for them. But for us, there is nothing like being at a Phillies game and talking about the Flyers, or being at an Eagles tailgate, and talking about how the 76ers look good this year. You can not do that anywhere else, and it is a beautiful thing.

As we sit back and take a look on our teams, and the last calendar year has not been a great one, we still see optimism. With the Eagles, the famous or infamous Andy Reid is gone, a great coach while he was here, but it was time for a change. Chip Kelly is in town, and a re-kindled fire has sparked all over town. Everyone is excited for the draft and to see what the Eagles do with the 4th pick. We are all excited to see what Chip Kelly can do in the NFL, and throughout all of this, we are optimistic.

WIth the Flyers, they are having a terrible season, and have some things to address, but at the end of the day the Flyers have one of the best young nucleus’ in the NHL. For years to come we get to watch the talents of Claude Giroux, Jakub Voracek, Wayne Simmonds, Matt Read, Brayden Schenn, and countless others. One bad year is expected, especially with a young team. Once again, we are struck with optimism.

With the 76ers, the Andrew Bynum saga has left many of us frustrated, but we do have tons of cap room and a budding superstar in Jrue Holiday. Also, a lock for a lottery pick in what bodes to be a very good draft class. This ownership, although taking some heat recently, is poised to win, and there is no doubt in my mind that this franchise will return to the top of the Atlantic where they belong.

With our beloved Philadelphia Phillies, whom everyone loves, there is plenty of optimism to go around. A new TV deal is in the fold, and although getting older, our core is finally healthy all at the same time. This season should be a fun one, as long as everyone is healthy. Remember, we still have two of the best left-handed pitchers in baseball in Cliff Lee, and newly announced opening day starter in Cole Hamels.

Optimism is a great thing to have, and in Philadelphia, regardless of what people say, and what we may think, there is ALWAYS optimism. Remember what that young child from New York said, “I want to live here, everyone likes the same team, it’s like…a family.”

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Josh Collacchi

Josh is what we like to call a "4 for 4" Philadelphia sports fan, who lives in northern Delaware. Season ticket holder to the Phillies and former season ticket holder for the Eagles, Sixers, and Flyers. Currently attending Wilmington University majoring in Business/Sports Management. He works for the local utility company but, as most of us, his real passion is Philadelphia Sports. Follow him on Twitter @JCollacchi