Speculation Ends over Andrew Bynum

Andrew Bynum is having season ending knee surgery and will not play at all this year for the Philadelphia 76ersAndrew Bynum will not play a single game as a 76er this season, as was officially announced yesterday.  The announcement finally put an end to months of speculation about whether or not the All-Star center will play for Philadelphia this year.  To many 76ers fans however, this was essentially already a known fact.  No more of the bogus “Bynum Updates” and false timelines, as Bynum will have to undergo “season ending surgery” on BOTH of his knees.

The surgery is to occur on Tuesday (March 19th) and will be to remove any remaining debris from each knee.  76ers’ General Manager Tony DiLeo said that the team will “continue to and evaluate his status moving forward.”  Bynum’s health has been in question all season, as his start dates continued to get pushed back and we kept hearing that he was not even able to practice with the team.  With that answered, the only question that remains is what does this mean for the future?

As we all know, the 76ers acquired Bynum in a huge four-team trade this past summer.  He becomes an un-restricted free agent in July, and the jury seems split on whether or not the 76ers will work to re-sign him.  Some seem to feel that Bynum played us, and that we should just cut our losses and let him go.  Others feel like we should try to re-sign him and at least get SOMETHING out of the trade and all the drama.

I think it’s highly likely that the 76ers will try to re-sign Bynum, and it would be in his best interest to agree.  Aside from the fact that talented big men are hard to come by in the league, it will be hard for Bynum to get the kind of deal he wants from another team after everyone saw the shenanigans he put Philly through this year.  I myself would like to see Bynum play in a 76ers uniform next year, because I know what he is capable of doing.  But if there is any hint of his health being less than acceptable, I say let him go and move on.  The mere possibility of Bynum is not enough to put up with another season like we’ve had this year.

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Meredith Hays

Meredith Hays is a Philadelphia sports fanatic. Born and raised in Philadelphia, she currently resides in Northern California where she is in her final year at Santa Clara University School of Law. Her passion for the Eagles and the Phillies knows no bounds, and often gets her into some very heated debates in the Bay Area. She loves the Sixers and the Flyers as well, but football and baseball are her favorite sports. In her spare time she loves to workout as a powerlifter and ride horses. You can follow her on Twitter at @TheMiamiQueet.

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  1. Great article Meredith! However, I don’t think the Sixers can afford the PR hit that would result from re-signing Bynum to even a 1 year contract. Plus degenerative knee conditions never magically disappear.

    “Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.”