Eagles Add New Leg to Stand On

Donnie Jones is replacing Mat McBriar as the new Philadelphia Eagles' Punter.Out with the old and in with the new has been the motto of this off season for the Philadelphia Eagles, as Howie Roseman once again decided to change up roster personnel, this time by adding one of the strongest legs available.

Eagles’ punter Mat McBriar was released in exchange for Donnie Jones, who signed a one year contract on Monday. Jones is a nine-year veteran who ranks fifth overall in punting average. Donnie Jones’s other achievements include his 2008 campaign where he became one of seven players in NFL history to record a 50 yard average in a single season.

Just one year ago, McBriar recorded a 46.5 yard average for the year, a season in which Philadelphia had the worst special teams unit in the league in punting situations, both receiving and kicking.

Its clear Philadelphia needs a new leg to stand on, and the Eagles are going through a period of drastic change. From head coach all the way down to punter,  the upcoming season will be very different from  a year ago, though it remains unclear whether said changes will benefit, or hurt the Eagles chances in the NFC East.

Regardless, there is a new vision in Philadelphia, and Donnie Jones will be a part of it, if only for one year.

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Benjamin Haley

Ben Haley is the Sports Director for 91.3 FM WVUD. Ben also serves as a sports broadcaster for the University of Delaware. . He is the main Philadelphia Eagles contributor for HighPhive.com! You can follow him on Twitter @BenHaley11.