Lehigh Valley IronPigs Revolutionize Fans Bathroom Experience

This is what Lehigh Valley IronPigs fans will see when they go to a urinal this season at Coca Cola Park.Some may call it revolutionary, others may consider it a little silly. However you look at it the Lehigh Valley IronPigs say it will make a “huge splash”.  That is right. A splash. When you walk into the bathroom at the next IronPigs game you attend, you may be a little surprised. The organization has added a new type of urinal in their men’s rooms. According to the IronPigs press release, Coca-Cola Park is the first sports arena to have this new urinal.

These urinals bring peoples love of gaming into the restroom. The “Urinal Gaming System” is a hands free gaming system. The game turns on as you approach the urinal and is able to detect your movements and stream. The game lasts on average of about 55 seconds. Once it is over the screen above the urinal will display your score. You can then take the code displayed and check how you did against other fans online.

Coca Cola Park is the most frequented venue in the Minor Leagues. Last year they set a record with 688,821 fans. They certainly are not looking for a new innovative way to draw fans in, but rather to make their stadium experience even more thrilling. This way you get fun and excitement not only in the seats, but in the restroom as well.

Different games, such as alpine skiing, will rotate throughout the season to create a more unique experience (as if it wasn’t unique enough).

Although this just seems like all fun and games, the organization teamed up with the Lehigh Valley Health Network to send another message. In the press release by the IronPigs, Angelo Baccala, the chief of Lehigh Valley Health Network’s division of urology, talks about how the screen will also give some health knowledge.

Their hope is that this will get more men to talk to their doctor about their prostate health. Baccala was quoted saying, “Baseball, above all, is about team, and so is prostate health. Men should work together with their physician to devise a game plan that makes sense for them.”

These new urinals may seem a little silly and out of place at a baseball game, but their main goal is to spread prostate health awareness to their fans. It certainly is an interesting way to do it.

The Lehigh Valley IronPigs 2013 home opener is April 4th against the Syracuse Chiefs.

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