Philadelphia 76ers Weekly Preview 4/1/13-4/6/13

Evan Turner will lead the 76ers into this week's action against the Bobcats, Hawks & Heat.Last week the 76ers did well, going 3-1 with the three victories coming in a row, after a disappointing 107-9 loss to Utah to start the week. The quality of the opponent left something to desired as Utah is barely over .500 while Milwaukee, Cleveland and Charlotte are all below the .500 mark.  Nevertheless, the 76ers beat all three by at least 8 and have been playing consistently good games overall during the past couple of weeks.

This upcoming week will see the 76ers travel away for all three of their games and the road has not been good to the team this year. They’ll have a rematch against Charlotte on Wednesday but after that, its off to Atlanta for the playoff bound Hawks and then in to Miami to visit the Heat, who haven’t been nice to anyone in the league in over three months.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013 Vs.Charlotte Bobcats (17-56) 7:00 pm

There’s not much different that will happen in this as happened during the 76ers win this past weekend, other than this one will be in Charlotte. The Bobcats are just not a good team and as much as the 76ers have had their problems this year, this is not going to be a problem for them this week. It will be a close game as the 76ers tend to make all their games, but in the end, look for the 76ers to pull out another victory and get to 4 in a row.

Prediction: 76ers 99 – Bobcats 93

Friday, April 5, 2013 Vs. Atlanta Hawks (41-33) 7:30 pm

The Hawks have already locked in a place in the playoffs, but are still able to move up and down from their current 6th position in the Eastern Conference. The Hawks also have the very difficult Al Horford in the middle, who is averaging 17.6 points and 10.3 rebounds per game. That type of center always gives the 76ers fits, but it’s coupled with the Hawks having Josh Smith and Jeff Teague playing very well also. This will be another tough matchup for the 76ers and I don’t see their win streak continuing past this stop in Atlanta.

Prediction: 76ers 88 – Hawks 97

Saturday, April 6, 2013 Vs. Miami Heat (58-15) 7:30 pm

The Heat are easily the best team in the league. They have the best player in the league in LeBron James. They have the best record in the league. They have the best second sidekick in Dwyane Wade. There’s nothing about the Heat that says they’ll not win the championship this year. They mirror the great Bulls teams of the 90’s with Chris Andersen playing the tattooed, rebounding, Dennis Rodman role, but players like Mario Chalmers, Chris Bosh, Ray Allen, Norris Cole, Udonis Haslem, and Mike Miller make this team a complete juggernaut. Look for the Heat to run over the 76ers as they have the whole NBA this year.

Prediction: 76ers 87 – Heat 106

This is not going to be an easy week for the 76ers but hopefully they can get over the inevitable of this weekend and move on with a good finish to the season.  The Heat on Saturday night will be a bad loss, but not very disheartening as the Heat have destroyed anyone in their past the past few months.  The 76ers just need to keep their heads high and play a good game, as they have lately and they may be able to get past the Hawks as well.

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