76ers Lack of Power Does Them In a Nets Win 104-83

The Brooklyn Nets' Reggie Evans was a difference in their win over the 76ers Tuesday night.It’s the story we’ve come to know all too well this year as the opposing teams big men overpower what the 76ers put on the floor. This time is was Brook Lopez with 29 points and 11 rebounds teaming with Reggie Evans who finished with 17 points and 24 rebounds to help lead the Brooklyn Nets (45-32) beat up on the 76ers (31-46) by a final score of 104-83.

Evans and Lopez scored 25 points combined in the 1st quarter to help Brooklyn jump out to a 31-18 lead at the end of the quarter. Between the two of them they out rebounded the whole 76ers team that was lead Nick Young with 18 points. There was no one else who played of note as Jrue Holiday finished with 15 points, Evan Turner had 11 points as the only other two 76ers to score in double digits.

The Nets are in 4th place overall in the Eastern Conference while the 76ers are nowhere close to that, sitting in 9th place. The real issue for the 76ers is that they’re not getting anywhere this year, so there should be a lot of time for auditions for next year. That’s why Arnett Moultrie was on the floor for 24 minutes, but only finished with 4 points and 4 rebounds.

When Nick Young is on the floor, which shouldn’t be much, but in Doug Collins offense seems to be a lot, Evan Turner seems to disappear. Last night, as Young was shooting 7-10 from the field, Turner was shooting 3-10. It’s not to say that he’s specifically taking things from Turner, but it seems like when he’s on the floor and shooting, Turner is playing off the ball and disappears for stretches. Young is a gunner and shouldn’t be back with the team next year, but it is looking more and more like Turner will not be either.

I would hate to see the 76ers bring back some of the players that are on the team this year, as they’ve not clicked and are not ideal for today’s NBA. There’s no inside presence and while Moultrie may develop in to that low post presence at the power forward position, he’s not there yet and won’t grow until Collins is gone as coach.

The only thing that the Sixers have managed to do this year is to disappoint their fans. Players like Lavoy Allen, Damien Wilkins, Nick Young, Dorell Wright and Royal Ivey shouldn’t be back next year. For much of the year, I’ve given Lavoy Allen a hard time about his play, but I’ve realized that it’s not his fault. He’s a 10th man at the very best, but has played a lot of minutes of the bench for Collins.

The 76ers play on Wednesday night in Philadelphia against the Atlanta Hawks (42-36)

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