Ben Revere wins catch of the year…and the Phillies lose 4-2

Brandon Phillips swings while Erik Kratz is behind the plate in Monday's Reds victory over the Phillies 4-2.The Phillies are coming off back to back series wins, and were facing Bronson Arroyo and the Reds in Cincinnati Monday night.  Arroyo came in with a 2-7 record against the Phillies with an ERA over 6, but the offense struggled to get Cliff Lee any runs and eventually the lack of runs cost the Phillies another game.

It was a beautiful evening at Great American Ball Park, I sadly was not there… however it sounded and looked nice on TV.  The temperature was a cool 69 degrees with a few clouds in the sky… A great night for baseball.  Cliff Lee who has pitched great in his two starts this year, was facing off against Bronson “I will never live down that time I had dreadlocks” Arroyo.  Arroyo has pitched well this year, just not as well as Cliff Lee… Noone ever will pitch as well as Cliff Lee, in the history of anything ever… now that that is out of the way, here is what you missed last night (if you missed it)

Honestly we can fast forward ahead to the 7th inning right off the bat, because ever since I have been writing these recaps… the Phillies have decided to not do anything of excitement, if you watched the Marlins series you will understand.  But since Ben Revere probably made the best catch you will see this year (yes, I will call it now)… it needs to be shared, so enjoy this gif of the catch.  But honestly, in the first 6.5 innings there were 6 total hits, no runs, and only 7 strikeouts (3 were by Lee and Arroyo).

So lets skip ahead to the bottom of the 7th.  Joey Votto lead off the inning with a single, which brought up the hot hitting Brandon Phillips who has been thriving in the cleanup spot since being put there after Ryan Ludwick‘s shoulder injury.  Lee got ahead of Phillips 0-2, and then threw him a curve ball that got way too much of the plate and was belted down the line moving Votto to third.  Jay Bruce then came to the plate and battled through 8 pitches, unfortunately pitch 9 ended up in the dirt, and then at the backstop which scored Votto and moved Phillips to 3rd Reds lead 1-0; Bruce eventually worked himself an 11 pitch walk, Todd Frazier then followed with a sac fly to bring the reds up 2-0.  The next at bat was where I thought the floodgates were going to open, Chris Heisey shot a ball right back at Cliff Lee for an easy double play… however when he turned to 2nd he hesitated due to the fact that noone was yet covering the bag, cue the ball in the dirt, safe everywhere… 2 on 1 out… YIPEE!!  Thankfully Ryan Hanigan followed up by grounding in to a double play that actually got turned… Phillies down 2-0.

The top half of the 8th was started off by a Domonic Brown single, Brown was moved over to 2nd by a groundout to the pitcher by Laynce Nix, Erik Kratz followed up with a line out to center, which then allowed Charlie Manuel to bring Chase Utley to pinch hit.  Chase got a nice fastball that was one of the few pitches Arroyo left over the plate and drove it over the right-center field wall to tie the game at 2 a piece.  In the bottom half of the inning Jeremy Horst had a rough inning, with a blink of the eye he had runners on 2nd and 3rd with 1 out.  Mike Adams came in and allowed a Brandon Phillips single to score 2, making the game 4-2.

The Phillies still had the top of the 9th inning, only had to face Aroldis Chapman to try and get two back, no big deal.  However after a Freddy Galvis line out, Chapman made Jimmy Rollins, and Ryan Howard look foolish… it literally looked like your crazy uncle throwing 60 mph “heaters” to you in the backyard when you were 6 years old, they never stood a chance.

Handshakes, Reds win 4-2.

Notes and Thoughts.

1. I feel terrible about what happened in Boston, I have hated “Boston” because of all the success they have had in the sports world, but even then I would not have wished anything like this would happen to such a nice city to such innocent people.  If you pray, pray for them

2.  OFFENSE !!!!!!!!!!! I fail to believe that that they would hit this bad.  a .251 average ? .304 on base percentage? personally to me they have a real good lineup 1-6, and I think when Delmon Young gets in the lineup 1-7 would be solid.  They have too many decent bats to hit this poor… I know they start slow, but hopefully by May they start hitting the ball.

3. Jeremy Horst has been in too many games… in 3 appearances he has given up 6 runs in 1.2 innings, in his other 2 he has given up 0 runs in 4 innings… if anything he should not be in a tight game, at least not now.

4. Stop making it hard for me to stay awake for all 9 innings!! I honestly fell asleep right after Howard struck out, and if it wasn’t for Utley’s home run, I doubt I would have made it that far.  I enjoy watching you guys, make it easier for me! Please!

5. I never minded Wheels, but so far this year he has been more irritating than any past year… anyone else notice this ? I have met him, and he is a very nice man… but I am close to jumping on the Wheels hate-filled Bandwagon.

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