76ers Officially Say Goodbye to Doug Collins

Doug Collins has resigned as Philadelphia 76ers head coach and will be a consultant moving forward.The Doug Collins as Philadelphia 76ers Head Coach era has now officially been closed with Collins resigning to take a consultant role with the team. This was not unexpected as it’s been rumored for the last week or so that Collins was going to be another Head Coach for the 76ers that does not make it long. Since Larry Brown left after the 2002-03 season the 76ers Head Coaches have been: Randy Ayers, Chris Ford, Jim O’Brien, Maurice Cheeks (who lasted 3+ seasons), current General Manager Tony DiLeo, Eddie Jordan and than Doug Collins. That’s 7 coaches in 10 years. An awful mark for the franchise that has to stop sooner than later.

Collins’ won his final game as the coach of the 76ers last night with a win over the Indiana Pacers in which both teams’ benches played a majority of the game as obviously the 76ers weren’t playing for anything and the Pacers had clinched a playoff spot already. The disappointment of the season starts with the Andrew Bynum trade and the lack of emergence from anybody on the team besides Jrue Holiday to step up and be a player the team can build around. The question moving forward is what coach will come to the team to see if they can turn it around when the revolving door doesn’t seem to stop moving at the position.

It’s not known at this point what exactly Collins will be doing for the team but once again it’s another rebuilding process for the 76ers franchise.

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Derek Sabato

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