Phillies take 2 of 4 from the Cardinals, a recap of the weekend

Chase Utley singles in a run Sunday night in the Phillies victory.The Phillies bats woke up! Then they fell back asleep, and then they woke up again! Then took a nap, and then they woke up yet again!  We got through our last Chooch-less week of the season, and everyone at the game last night are probably still frozen solid (at least I am).  It was a crazy weekend both in Philadelphia… and all over really, so crazy that I had no time to even consider recapping any of the weekend’s activities; lucky for you all I will take time to do so now.

Friday I will admit, I did nothing but listen to the Watertown, MA police scanner and follow twitter… even while at work (don’t tell them), in the car ride home, and even once I got home.  It was a crazy experience filled with many bad leads, precautionary arrests, searches, questionings and everything you can imagine.  Just listening to it and trying to follow it all day was tiring enough, I can only imagine how it felt actually being a part of it… hats off to the Boston area Police force.  Luckily thanks to the magic of Twitter (@MikeZoltek) I could follow anything I missed on the scanner, and the Phillies game.  I learned that on Friday Roy Halladay pitched his second consecutive gem, The offense was producing at an amazing rate early in the game, and this city, and all of Twitter love Freddy Galvis.  I kid you not, for most of the evening after he made a great diving catch (video here #1, #2 is a great grab by Ben Revere in the same game) he was trending on twitter in the number 3 position, behind #manhunt, and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev… Crazy.  The Phillies after jumping out to a 8-1 lead after the 3rd inning, went on to win 8-2 as Halladay tossed his 67th career complete game, he has so many complete games that the closest active pitcher to 67 is CC Sabathia with 35.

Saturday’s game I could not watch, I couldn’t pull myself away from my favorite show that is [maybe] a Comcast exclusive… let me know if you have seen it or heard of it, here is a clip from it; thankfully I dvr’d it as well, so I can watch it any time I want.  So thanks to the flexibility of Comcast, they got a tech out 24 hours after I called them, and I was TV dark for an entire Saturday.  What I missed was one of Cliff Lee’s fall back into the world of being human, as he lost not only his impressive “no-walk” streak, he also lost the game.  His walk streak sat at 169 batters faced, over 45 innings; it ended Saturday as he walked 3 batters… in his last 114.1 innings total (going back to July 31st of 2012) he had only allowed 4 walks total, which is pretty crazy.  One positive from this game though was Phillippe Aumont, who has yet to give up an earned run this season, he pitched like garbage in that Reds game that continued into the next day… but other than that, he has been pretty damn solid.  The Phillies collected a whopping 3 hits in this game, as they went on to lose 5-0.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday… Where to start? First off someone thought it was a good idea to schedule the Phanatic’s Birthday Bash on a Sunday night at 8:05.  I know the Phillies do it every year on the 2nd Sunday game, but they should have moved it to a night when it was not 7 degrees and 8 o’clock at night.  Second off this is a kids game (just don’t tell that to my Phanatic obsessed Mother), so why would you drag your child to a game when it was 40 degrees and 8 o clock at night?  Regardless it was empty there last night, and became really empty after Ben Revere grounded out into an inning ending double play to end the 6th with Chase Utley on 3rd base. It was a long game, it probably felt longer than it actually was due to the fact that it was frigging freezing, but at least the Phillies warmed you up with some late inning fireworks.   After losing their early 2-1 lead, they lost that lead to start the 7th… they tied it up at the end of the 7th and with a 4 run 8th inning capped off by Erik Kratz’s 3 run home run, took and held a 7-3 lead to end the game.  There were quite a few mental errors in this game, from Chase Utley not knowing how many outs there were, to some bad defense, to Ryan Howard having problems getting it to 2nd base (I mean the baseball, not his bedroom actions).  I blame that solely on the weather, it was terrible out there.

Notes and Thoughts

1. I like the bounce-back from the terrible Reds series, they should have won Thursday, and I can live with the result of Saturdays game; against one of the better teams in the NL they represented themselves well.  Hopefully they keep it rolling against the Pirates even though they just won 3 out of 4 against the at one time 10-1 braves.

2. Tonight we get to see the debut of one of many solid young arms the Phillies have in their farm system, Jonathan Pettibone.  Last year while pitching 26 games at both AA, and AAA he compiled a 13-8 record with a 3.1 ERA.  He is not a big strikeout guy but rather is a guy that lives and dies with command of his pitches.  He throws primarily fastball, change-up, and slider and likes to live on the edge of the plates (if possible).  He is facing AJ Burnett who is just coming off almost throwing a no-hitter, he is also fighting the urge of buying 13 dollar dogs which is the only thing he has in common with me.

3. I have a Sunday season ticket package, and I usually look forward to the Phanatic’s birthday… but this year sucked (pardon my french).  Bring back the zooperstars, clammy sosa needs to eat an umpire; and for crying out loud Phoebe Phanatic didn’t even fall off the back of the quad !! The big headed fake celebrities, and the lackluster DVD premiere made me upset when I could have used a good laugh to warm me up.

4. Domonic Brown:  I am sick of people giving this guy a rough go, he didn’t dive to make a catch last night and got booed.  If he missed, it would have scored at least a run, and they got out of the inning without any further damage so he made the right play.  His bat WILL come around, I have sat and read that Jason Heyward is going to best player of all time every year for 3 4 seasons.  He had 1 good year where he hit 27 home runs, and that was his only “good stat”; these young guys take time in most cases… let him have time.

5. Chad Durbin: I am sick of seeing him pitch, and pitch terribly; I don’t want to be that guy… but he has to go.

6. I am tired of typing so I am going to stop here.

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