Philadelphia Flyers to Amnesty Danny Briere?

Is Danny Briere playing his last game as a Philadelphia Flyer tonight?According to, the Flyers will either trade or buy out much maligned forward Danny Briere. Sam Carchidi writes, “Because of his high cap hit – $6.5 million per year – the Flyers’ 35-year-old forward is expected to be bought out or traded after the season.” Should this be true, and it makes sense for it to be, the Flyers will take their first step towards getting rid of some of the awful contracts on their payroll. If the Flyers buy out Briere, they could be forced to pay a cap penalty for the next two years. But should they amnesty him, they will incur no cap penalties. In the new CBA, a team can amnesty someone now and after next season. To me, it makes little to no sense to not buy out Briere, unless he is traded. No one would trade for him, because of his cap hit and the fact that he will be a free agent anyway.

This means that tonight’s game could be Briere’s last in a Philadelphia Flyers uniform. This move also would give the Flyers $6.5 in additional cap room. It would be wise to use it only on a 1-year deal with a veteran. Maybe Jaromir Jagr? Maybe a defenseman? Time will tell, but the Flyers look to have taken step one to optimizing their roster.

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Josh Collacchi

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