Phillies Lose Again 6-4, Chad Durbin, Geno Smith, Draft & Lane Johnson

Gaby Sanchez beat the Phillies again on Thursday as the Pirates defeated Cliff Lee & the Phillies 6-4.Our beloved Phillies sitting at a cool 9-13 (losers of 7 of the last 10), welcomed the 12-9 Pirates who, besides being 20th in runs scored, 24th in batting average, 21st in OBP, and 22nd in slugging are 9-3 in their last 12 games and are a half game out of first.  Jonathan Pettibone beat the Pirates, Roy Halladay could not, Cole Hamels could not, but Cliff Lee can right?  I guess you will have to read on and see (ignore the title of the article).

This was a nice day for baseball, it was close to 60 degrees, the sun was shining, Cliff Lee was on the hill carrying a 2-1 record with a 2.83 ERA in his career against the pirates and hoping to salvage a possible series split.  I sadly was at work, and without the luxury of being able to watch the game live I had to get by watching MLB Gameday and almost everyone I know yelling on Twitter.  Cliff Lee was in control for the first 4 innings allowing only 3 hits, even though one of those was to pitcher James McDonald, he was never in trouble.   The Phillies struck first in the bottom of the 4th as Domonic Brown doubled to score Chase Utley who led the inning off with a walk.

In the 6th inning Cliff Lee allowed yet another home run to Gaby Sanchez, who has 4 hits in the 2 games he played this series, 2 of them are home runs and 1 is a double, he has also knocked in 4 runs (the Phillies have knocked in 7 runs this entire series).  Lee got himself out of the top of the 6th with the game tied 1-1, and the Phillies started to get to McDonald in the bottom half of the 6th.  After walking Kevin Frandsen, Chase Utley singled and moved Frandsen to third… Ryan Howard then singled to left scoring Frandsen and the Pirates pulled the plug old Old McDonald.  Instead of pouring on the runs, they added just 1 more run on a sac fly by Domonic Brown Phillies lead 3-1… keep the bullpen away please.

The bullpen was kept away, and everyone on twitter (including myself) then had egg all over their faces shortly after… After getting 2 quick outs Cliff got himself into some trouble by allowing 3 straight singles (one to GABY SANCHEZ!) to allow the Pirates to tie the game at 3, with Sanchez on third he got Pedro Alvarez to pop up to end the inning with the game tied 3-3.  The Phillies could not get a run back to put Cliff on the hook for a win as they had a quick 1-2-3 inning in the bottom half of the 7th.

The 8th inning was fun. Phillipe Aumont came in and struck out Neil Walker, and then Phillipe put his jersey on the back of Danys Baez.  ”Baez” then, in this order: hit Clint Barmes, allowed a Travis Snider single, allowed a Starling Marte single, allowed a Garrett Jones 2 run double, and then was removed from the game by his ear.  Chad Durbin who has been as solid as a sock filled with cottage cheese intentionally walked Andrew McCutchen (who has 2 hits in his last 17 games), to face Gaby Sanchez, who as you should already know has turned into Albert Pujols this series.  After Gaby Sanchez hit a sac fly to give the Pirates a 6-3 lead, the stadium emptied out, Twitter exploded with pure anger, and many people probably lost their lunch.

The Phillies got a run back in the 8th but that was it, they lost 6-4… no need for further details.  I am glad I didn’t waste my time trying to watch this one as it was frustrating t follow, so I’m sure it was 100 times worse on TV or in person.  CHAD DURBIN! I just wanted to yell that name; this guy has a WHIP over 2, for those of you who don’t know what WHIP is… it represents how many runners he allows per inning (Walks and Hits per Innings Pitched), and 2 is CRAZY high.  To show how high of a WHIP that is, the aforementioned Danys Baez was TERRIBLE as a Phillie, he posted ERAs of 5.50 and 6.25 in his 2 years here.   His WHIP was 1.64 and 1.56 those 2 ears; still terrible… but that should show you how terrible Chad Durbin has been.

The Draft.  I was close to having what the Eagles were going to do right, they were 100% set to take Dion Jordan and the Miami Dolphins knew that, they jumped up and stole him in the 3rd spot.  I also said they would take Geno Smith or EJ Manuel in the 2nd, somehow Manuel is gone and wearing Buffalo Bills blue… However I just read that Geno Smith is not attending the draft tonight, and that makes me mad, very mad.   Geno’s character has come into question in regards to how he handles adversity and being under pressure; Brock Osweiler went 57th overall (25th pick in the 2nd round), you are wondering why I am talking about this, and I will tell you.  Brock Osweiler signed a 3 year 3.1 million dollar deal that included a 998 thousand dollar signing bonus, he was drafted to backup Peyton Manning, not to start.  Geno Smith will be drafted early in round 2, will make more money than that, and have the chance to start and he takes his ball and GOES HOME ?!?! Honestly that alone will I think not only affect my feelings towards him, but there are some teams that are going to slide him down their draft boards just for doing that… he just dug himself into a hole, I’ll bet a nickel on it.  Not only did wee wee wee all the way home, he was constantly on camera playing with his phone like he was on a long boring car ride, and left the draft before the first round ended.  I think that there were people that were willing to trade up to grab him late in round one, but he has officially scared them all away.

Lane Johnson.  I will not pretend that I am some Draft Guru, or some insider; however I would imagine that this is what the Eagles had as their 4 choices, in this order:  Luke Joeckel, Eric Fisher, Dion Jordan, Lane Johnson.  After Miami stole Jordan, the Eagles took their 4th choice (in my opinon) in Lane Johnson, I personally would have went with Ziggy Ansah but I am a nobody so who cares.  Lane Johnson is a freakish athlete who ran a 4.72 40, Tyler Eifert who was the best TE in this draft ran a 4.68. Lane also has a 34 inch vertical which is the same vertical that AJ Green recorded at the combine, while doing 28 reps on the bench (only 6 higher amounts of reps were recorded at the combine).  Is this who I wanted ? no, but I don’t get paid to make the picks… hell I don’t even get paid to think, write, or talk about the picks so I won’t act like my opinion is worth more than anyone else’s.  Honestly Lane Johnson was not even on my radar even though he has been talked about all week, but the more I read about him the more I like… he may not be an elite tackle out of the shoot, but has just as much upside as Fisher and Joeckel if not more, and upside is fun to follow.

Have a good weekend folks.



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