Spring Cleaning Has Started for 76ers: Sam Hinkie New General Manager

Sam Hinkie is the new Philadelphia 76ers General Manager.The chips have started to fall for the 76ers. The first to go, and rightly so, is Tony DiLeo. DiLeo, while a good company man, isn’t a GM and the only reason he was put in that position is that Rod Thorn, who’s also leaving, had one last bad decision to make.

The 76ers have hired Houston Rockets Assistant GM, Sam Hinkie as their new general manager. Hinkie is considered a highly intelligent basketball man who has helped shape the Rockets over the past couple of years with shrewd draft and free agent moves.

Going forward, Hinkie can be counted on to use a highly analytic method towards running a franchise, which will go over much better than the “throw darts at a name of players” practice that has hindered the 76ers for the past few years.

Better than all of this is that Hinkie doesn’t have any connection to the 76ers. He’s not one of Thorn’s boys or a friend of DiLeo’s, so he can come in and shape the franchise the way he’d like.  His first move, before the draft is going to be picking a coach.

Hinkie will have his hands full, trying to rejuvenate a stale franchise that’s been saddled with poor decision making, bad drafts, horrible trades, and ridiculous free agent signings over the past few years. The team, while still loved in Philadelphia, has lost it luster with the locals who yearn for a team that they can get behind and support, but that’s good to watch with talented players. Think of the complete opposite of Lavoy Allen and Nick Young.

Whether Hinkie is the first step in the road to recovery or another in a long line of mistakes remains to be seen, but for the time being, he looks like a solid decision that had broken from the mold of picking from within the organization that has produced only repeated failures.

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Tim Sullivan

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