Can the Phillies finish May strong & A Look at June

Michael Martinez is back for the Phillies folks.Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee threw a gem Wednesday night against the Marlins, a 3 hit, complete game shutout victory to bring the Phillies to 11-9 in the month of May… I missed writing a recap due to a half day, followed by a tour of PA, and the ghetto as I sold some old nonsense on craigslist, hooray fun!  However since I leave town tomorrow until Tuesday I wanted to leave you all with an outlook for the rest of the month, and a preview of June.  The Phillies have 8 games left this month and none of them seem easy; they play 2 more games at Washington, 2 at Boston, then they return for 2 more against Boston and kick off a series with the Brewers.  To make things worse they will face Stephen Strasburg, Clay Buchholz, and Jon Lester, all of which are a combined 15-6 this season (Strasburg has 5 loses by himself, but he is still Stephen Strasburg).  To Make things even worse than that… Chase Utley joins Carlos Ruiz, and Roy Halladay on the DL… Michael Martinez who just grounded out in batting practice has joined the team to apparently seat people in the Diamond Club because he does not belong on any MLB roster at all. There is however a possible silver lining.

Washington is not all that good this season, I still think getting rid of Michael Morse was a bad idea; believe it or not the Nationals are ranked lower (worse) than the Phillies in Runs, Batting Average, On Base Percentage,  Slugging Percentage, and only have 2 more home runs than the Phillies.  They can steal some games from the Nationals, I would recommend you don’t miss any Memorial Day fun to watch any of these games, as both teams can pitch, and neither of them can hit.  If you remove a 3 game sweep against the lowly Minnesota Twins, the Red Sox are 5-12 outside of their last 20 (again removing the sweep), and have not played well themselves.  The “silver” lining is the June schedule; the Phils play the Brewers, Marlins, Brewers, Twins, Rockies, Nationals, Mets, Padres, and Dodgers who have a combined record of 156-209… Only 2 of those teams are over 500 and 1 is the Nationals who stand at 1 game over 500 currently.

This is the chance for the Phillies to make a run, they have injuries but o well… it is better to have them now than to have them later in the season.  I know it is early but June will be the make  or break month for them,  I don’t expect them to win the division, but to win a wild card spot there are a lot of mediocre to good teams in the NL and they will be competing with many teams for that spot.  If they can get in the mix by the end of June, they will have a good chance by the end of September for a chance at some October (and possibly November) baseball.

Kind of a boring read, but it’s a slow Phillies day… when the top thing Phillies related being discussed on the internet is Michael Martinez; you know that you have to fight hard for something to write about, I wish I didn’t take a day off yesterday now.  Enjoy your Memorial day, and I will return on Wednesday.

P.S Don’t let anyone tell you “hey Martinez and Wilson Valdez had like 500 ABs in 2011 and they won over 100 games”  Tell those people they hit a combined .226 with 4 home runs and like 50 RBIs… They had zero impact.

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