Singing The Blues About Philadelphia Sports

George Thorogood's songs are fitting to being a Philadelphia sports fan.There are times when you hear a certain song and you can’t get it out of your head. The other day I heard George Thorogood’s Bad To The Bone and started thinking about how that describes what is going on in Philadelphia Sports right now…they are all B..B..B..Bad. So in that spirit here are some other great Thorogood songs and how they relate to our teams and players.

If You Don’t Start Drinking…I’m Gonna Leave – This could apply to our “Ace Pitcher” Cole Hamels. He must be beyond frustrated with the lack of run support he has received this year. He is 1-7 and with any kind of offense he would have at least 5 wins. Of course if he needs to vent his anger to someone, he only needs to go down the dugout to Cliff Lee, who was the victim last year of the missing offense. He must have been cursing in the tunnel the last two nights as the offense actually figured out how to score against the Marlins. It seems Murphy’s Law applies to someone every year in Phillie land, this year Cole drew the short straw.

Madison (Pattison) Blues – With all of the 4 major teams missing the playoffs we are in the midst of a prolonged drought for postseason action. Unless the Phillies can get their offense together, and rework their bullpen, it will be at least until Wild Card Weekend January 4th, if Chip Kelly can shock the world and get this team into the playoffs. That will be almost 6 full sport seasons. UNACCEPTABLE. Attendance is slipping at all events, and the 76ers can shake everyone’s hands individually. It’s no coincidence that when you stop winning people don’t show up. Two of the teams have changed GM’s and Coaches and the winds of change should blow through all the offices down there if this continues.

The Fixer – Brought in to breathe new life into a mundane situation, Chip Kelly. His new age methods and practices, while not exactly all new, are something that has been desperately needed in this franchise for a few years now. The showy stuff like the blaring music at practice, the smoothies for the players after practice, and the openness with the media are all well and good. What happens behind the scenes in player evaluation and execution of game plan are what is really going to tell the story. It all looks promising and exciting and it is making the anticipation for a pre-season game the highest since Terrell Owens came to town.

That’s It I Quit – Don’t we all wish this is what Ed Snider would say? After 38 seasons of disappointment, and watching every other team in our division win the Stanley Cup a total of 10 times, it’s time for Mr. Snider to let go gracefully, something he has never been able to do. He made hockey into one of the 4 sports in this town. He shook up the hockey world with the Broad Street Bullies. Unfortunately, that mindset has trapped him and this franchise like the Red Wings and Devils did to them in the late 90’s. While he is busy building statues to heroes of days gone by, what we really need is a statue of Ed, a ceremony, and a passing of the torch. Maybe then we can have a legitimate shot at Lord Stanley’s long awaited return to Broad Street.

Delaware Slide – So the 76ers start up a D-League team in Delaware and the best name they could come up with is….the 87ers? Really? I guess they are taking this analytics thing seriously if the best name they could come up with is a number. Maybe they are paving the way for a move down there for the Big Team…I mean the taxes in Delaware are so much better than in Philly anyway. Just ask Robbins 8th & Walnut..err I mean Delaware Diamonds.

I Drink Alone – I know that this may be a little dated but it was so obvious I had to include it…Nnamdi Asomugha. His ability to frustrate us with his play and then looking around the field to see where his teammates were to give him help would probably have been avoided if he actually knew what they looked
like. Sitting in your car having lunch by yourself is acceptable if you are a salesman on the road, not a multi-million dollar athlete in a TEAM sport.

You Talk Too Much – it’s been 23 years since he took over mornings at WIP. I listened to him for a lot of those years. I attended many Wing Bowls, agreed with some things, disagreed with others. But as with all things the time has come. Angelo Cataldi needs to go. His shtick is tired and old. Three days of Donovan McNabb “puking” at the Super Bowl 8 years ago? That’s relevant? It’s time to move on to something new and fresh in the morning. And it might be a good idea to get ahead of the curve before 97.5 figures it out and hires a Local Morning Show. Thanks for the memories Angelo.

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer – Or any drink of your choice…It’s well deserved if you are a fan of any of our teams. A lot of the decisions they make can drive you to drink, so sit back, relax, and enjoy a cold one or two. It will get better, it has to… Doesn’t it?

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Martin Roach

Growing up in South Jersey just across the river from the Sports Complex, Martin is a lifelong Philly Sports Junkie. Experiencing the joy of having seen both Phillies World Series Victories and both Eagles NFC Championships Live it still hasn't taken away his cynical attitude toward all of the teams. A proud graduate of St. Joseph's University. He currently lives in Havertown and comments frequently on his twitter @mproach and always has a different (his wife says strange) way of seeing things.

2 Responses

  1. Tommy Boy says:

    I think you hit close to home with Ed Snider. As a Flyer fan I appreciate everything he has done for this city & the franchise. However the team mindset and their impatience with certain players over the years has all of the makings of a Snider team. His insistence on getting a ‘name’ goalie after the Flyers quick exit 2 years ago in the playoffs cost them from keeping young goalie (Bobrovsky) who needed time to develop, which he has, as he is in the Vezina voting this year as one of the league’s top rated net minders. Instead we are stuck with Ilya Bryzgalov, who is the biggest Flyer free agent bust since Chris Gratton.

    Another Snider trait is to quickly thrust young, up and coming players with star potential, too quickly into the Captain’s role, only to watch the player struggle with the responsibility of learning the game and wearing the ‘C’. Reference Lindros, Brind Amour, Richards & Giroux. Rather than let a veteran handle that duty, Snider embraces the opportunity to showcase a young up & coming player to help sell jerseys after he over compensates them with huge, long term contracts that they feel pressure to perform up to. No wonder they don’t succeed until after they’ve been traded. It may not be the time to sell the team rather than change his way of trying to do things. Hey Ed…It ain’t working anymore!

    - signed Jay Snider

  2. I couldn’t disagree with you more. Angelo is the only thing entertaining about sports radio in this town these days. I know his days are somewhat limited anymore because of some health issues, but without him, the energy of the Morning Show is almost nonexistent. His antics are a welcomed respite, especially after comparing his show to some of the other programs on WIP. I think he will, as he has stated in the recent past, step down after this year, so it will be interesting to see who might be his replacement.

    Aside from the Saturday morning pairing of Ray ‘Diddy’ & Glen Macnow, the station is fair, at best, when comparing radio personalities. Michael Barkan would be my choice to replace Angelo as he has the perfect sense of humor, a small enough ego and a perfect understanding of the Philly sports fan.

    - Mrs B