Philadelphia 76ers with the Slick Moves

Nerlens Noel was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers in a flurry of moves Thursday night.As I seated up to watch the NBA 2013 draft I was full good nervous energy. I was anxious to see what new young talent was going to be picked to upcoming 2014-2015 season. What I didn’t expect was everything that unfolded before my eyes that night. I was still hoping that somehow some way we were going to rid our team of the ugly curse (and hair) of Andrew Bynum, which didn’t happen. What ended up happening was a night of moves, trades, and astonishment’s!

Only few picks before the Philadelphia 76ers and moments after Nerlens Noel has been drafted to the Pelicans aka New Orleans, the news came across the screen and tweets came flooding in… “Jrue Holiday traded to New Orleans for Nerlens Noel.” First I was in shock and denial. I refused to believe it, then the reality had set in, it really happened. Here comes the pain… The 76ers traded Jrue Holiday and the 42nd overall pick to the New Orleans Pelicans for the rights to Nerlens Noel (6th overall) and a 2014 first round pick (top five protected). The best case scenario is they traded their All-Star for a guy who was rumored to be the number one overall pick and the Pelicans are bad next year, giving the 76ers two lottery picks in a stacked 2014 draft. Still I was angry, how could Hinkie trade our All-Star player, Jrue Holiday? I could not grasp the concept myself because I was too angry at the time to even think, then as the night when on, things started to settle, I began to calm down. I understood what new GM Sam Hinkie was doing, rebuilding our team for a better future. Yes Jrue is a great PG but was he going to get us to the play-offs, definitely not. Next came our pick and although I was disappointed that we missed out on Trey Burke (since I am a huge Michigan fan #GoBlue) Stern announces that the 76ers draft Michael Carter-Williams number 11 overall.

Ok so this was the guy the 76ers wanted all along and fans as well as the 76ers were happy he fell to 11. It makes no sense to me that they wanted him over Trey Burke. In my opinion the 76ers liked MCW because he is a young point guard with size and has a knack for passing. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t they already have that with their All-Star PG? But still with Jrue’s career line only being 13 and 5, think Eric Snow, was he going to stay in Philadelphia and win us a chip? Definitely not. Then the 35th pick comes and the 76ers draft Glen Rice Jr. and proceed to trade his rights to the Washington Wizards for the 38th and 54th picks. They then get Nate Wolters at 38 and trade him for the rights to Ricky Ledo (43rd overall). Next, they trade Ledo’s rights for future considerations and wind up only getting Arsalan Kazemi with the 54th pick. I think this was a great pick. Kazemi has a high motor and is a great rebounder.

But the disturbing path the 76ers took in the second round to get to this place was the icing on the cake to an uncanny and overly emotional, at least for me, NBA draft night. Later that evening reports submerge that Brett Brown, former Spurs assistance coach is to be the new head coach for the Philadelphia 76ers except after the draft Sam Hinkie does not “officially” announce that Brown is head coach. The 76ers are still waiting for a head coach to be formally announced and me; I am waiting to watch what will be a very interesting, to say the least, 2013-2014 season. Yet I am even more excited for what the future holds for the 76ers.

In other news the 76ers had many camps that opened over the last week. The 76ers  do a great job of organizing camps all over the area for kids of all ages to attend. The kids enjoy the camp and get to be involved with some great talent and some even get to meet the players. With the tragic gun crisis in the city of Philadelphia, camps are a wonderful way to get kids involved in something positive and stay off the streets.

With that being said watch out for my next article on a wonderful up and coming Non-Profit organization I have the pleasure to be involved with – Playing For Peace. You can follow the 76ers camps on Twitter and Instagram @SixersCamp. Also please make sure to check out and follow @Playing_4_Peace on twitter, Instagram and like them on Facebook Playing for Peace.

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Danielle Michele

Danielle is an avid Sixers fan and has been for years. Born and raised in New Jersey. Graduated from Rowan University and is currently working on her masters in Education. Her job as working as with Special Education children is her passion but sports and especailly the Sixers are a close second. Loves the other sports teams as well from NCAA football and basketball, NFL, and MLB, although they are not Philly oriented teams- she loves her sports!