Phillies: Buy? Sell? Who Stays? Who Goes?

Domonic Brown will no doubt be a Philadelphia Phillie next year. Who won't be after the trade deadline?I know its early, but 2 weeks from next Wednesday marks either the end of an era for the Phillies, or the start of a playoff push.  Today I take a look at who will stay if they sell, and who may go / come here if they buy.

The Guaranteed 2014 Philadelphia Phillies:

Domonic Brown:  Many of you, yes… you, asked for this guy to be traded last year, this offseason, spring training and many times before that.  This kid has a potential MVP future, and will stay here for a while (hopefully).

Ben Revere:  Many of you, yes… you, wanted this guy off the team, sent to the minors, traded, benched.  Reminder, his average was .204 on May 1st, it is now .304; the Phillies have 2 solid outfielders that are 25 years old which is a good look into the future.

Cliff Lee:  Many people expect him to be moved, but unless the Phillies are wowed by an offer, I can’t see them trading him.  If Halladay returns healthy, and they get him to stay cheap they will again enter 2014 with 3 aces and plenty of Minor league pitching depth.

Cole Hamels:  There is a better chance that the Phillies trade you, or me.

Jimmy Rollins:  He is regressing and it is hard to watch, but his contract will make him not worth moving

Ryan Howard:  The once loved Phillie, who is now hated for some reason has the same contract problem.  I expect a bounce back next season but I am probably not only in the minority, but also just being hopeful.

Anyone in the Bullpen not named Jonathan Papelbon:  Have you watched them pitch?

Of course there are many other safe people, but I’d be here all day… c’mon now.

The potential 2014 Someone Elsers:

Jonathan Papelbon:  Personally I have never been a fan, but trading him would 1000% be the white flag.  He is the only sure thing (yes he has been shaky) in the bullpen, and they have no one to replace him… he goes, the season is over.

Kyle Kendrick:  I believe that Kendrick has the highest odds of being traded, the Phillies have a lot of starting pitching; the farm is stocked with young arms, Pettibone is pitching really well, Cloyd pitched well when up, Lannan has pitched serviceably and Kendrick could get a decent return.  He is a number 3-4 pitcher who is due for Arbitration next year and could be a good piece for a contender looking for pitching depth.  Also Kendrick could be a guy you can trade while not actually “selling” as losing him probably won’t end the season due to the pitching depth.

Delmon Young:  Everyone hates him, wishes he would be traded and maybe I am just one of the wishers.  However he hits well, hits even better in the playoffs and would be a good DH.  He wouldn’t bring much in return, but he is very cheap so you never know.

Chase Utley:  I don’t want his name here, nor do I believe that he will get traded, but he could so he is on this list.  Chase would bring a nice return even as a half season rental , and the Phillies have quite a few decent infielders in the minors… if any of them pan out, with the 2 young OFs it could make for an exciting young team if the flag gets waived.

Michael Young:  I like Young, he is a solid overall baseball player which is what this team needs.  Unfortunately he is 36 and will be gone after this season, so if they can get anything for him I think they take it.

John Mayberry Jr:  He would again not bring much back in return, but could be a throw in to give a team some bench/OF depth.  He is another one I don’t see being moved, but would not be surprised if he was

Jeremy Horst:  Perhaps there are teams out there that need a guy to throw BP before each game, if so the Phillies have about 4 guys they could ship off.  Maybe it could get them a new garden hose, or some new gloves.

Carlos Ruiz:  We all love Chooch, and we will always love him, but the Phillies have serviceable options at the catcher position.  He is great with pitchers and that will be missed more than anything, but if they can get value for him… you may have to trade in your shirseys.

The Potential 2013/2014 Phillies:

Charlie Furbush:  Maybe I want him because his last name is Furbush, but the fact that he is left handed AND knows how to retire batters (Batting Average against under 200 the last 2 seasons with seattle), and strikes people out makes me wish he was a Phillie.  He would probably cost a fortune since he is arbitration eligible in 2015, is only a fresh 27 and his last name is Furbush… but Seattle is 14 games out of first… so you never know.

Anyone from the Twins Bullpen:  The Twins have lost 9 of their last 10 games, sit 12 games back.  Their bullpen has thrown the 6th most innings in the league, have hitters batting .232, and have a whip of 1.20.  If the Phils want to contend and get some bullpen help, I would start with the Twins.

Norichika Aoki:  I know he has been in the rumor mill for the last few days, but he plays right field, he fields well, he hits for aveage, and has a .370 OBP.  The bad is that he is left handed… and if you bat him behind Brown you have 3 lefties in a row (assuming Chase Utley stays).

Alfonso Soriano:  Call him what you will, but this man can hit for power and if you bat him 5th behind brown would probably produce pretty well, he has a high salary and will make 18 million dollars this and next year.  However you could move Brown to right field and add a big bat to the lineup and have it not cost a fortune.

Alex Rios:  His contract is also bad, but not as bad as Soriano’s and he has been a solid hitter since joining the White Sox (besides 2011 when he hit .227), he is also right handed and the White Sox also have Jesse Crain who is a solid bullpen piece, he is injured currently but could return sometime in August.

Jesse Crain:  See above, he has been nearly unhittable this year… that is all

Chris Carter:  First off I don’t want a guy named Carter on the Phillies, but he would be a good addition in my opinion.  He does get on base at a better percentage that you would think, however he strikes out a TON and leads the league right now at 122.  He can play the outfield, first base, is right handed and under team control until 2019… and we love to trade with Houston.

This list can go on for days, I don’t really know who the Phillies should specifically target but I will say this much; to compete they need 2 bullpen arms, keep Papelbon, get someone to fill in at first, and maybe a RF.  That is at least what I think, and what I think is gold.  You will read 1000 articles on this same topic from now until July 31st, but mine will be first… and the best.

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