2013 Fantasy Football Outlook: The Wide Receivers

Calvin Johnson continues to be a stud at Wide Receiver in Fantasy Leagues everywhere

Round three of HighPhive’s fantasy focus centers on the explosiveness  of offenses across the league. There is no greater bang for buck than a big time wide receiver, just ask Mike Wallace. As the NFL becomes more pass heavy with every passing season, a successful areal attack can make horrendous teams relevant. Look at the Saints, without Marques Colston, Drew Brees, and Jimmy Graham, the Saints would have been one of the NFL’s worst teams a season ago. From a fantasy perspective, the wide receiver slots are the second most important asset to your fantasy team. Draft experts agree that drafting a running back …

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Eagles Training Camp Preview: Cut Days

Chip Kelly participates in Training Camp with his teamAs the dog days of summer grow near, training camp begins to rear its ugly head. Just a few weeks of conditioning, game planning, and formulation will stand between NFL teams and their 2013 campaigns’. For Philadelphia, training camp will be especially tumultuous under the new coaching staff. Players drafted during the Andy Reid era may want to update their resumes, as their time in the bird gang may be coming to a close.

Roster cuts are the least enjoyable part of coaching, but are a necessary evil if team’s want to take their talents to the big apple come February. Chip Kelly will not play favorites, a fact that should worry third year underperforming linebacker, Casey Matthews, an …

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Eagles Fantasy Focus: Quarterbacks

The Eagles Quarterbacks in mini camp.NFL training camps will open in two weeks but for fantasy football managers the preparation has already started. Studying stats and mock-drafts are a mid-summer necessity if you wish to collect trophies, prizes and bragging rights come Week 16. As a champion and 14-year veteran of multiple leagues, I’d like to give Eagles fans my thoughts on this upcoming season from a fantasy point of view. This is the first installment of a positional break-down and projection for first-year coach Chip Kelly and the 2013 Philadelphia Eagles.


Anything can happen in training camp but obviously Michael Vick is the favorite to open the season under center. Chip Kelly may not name a starter until the week before the opening game which could cause Vick’s draft value to drop. His potential in Kelly’s up-tempo offense, with plays …

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For the Philadelphia Eagles, Luck is about to Change

Michael Vick's time to put up as the Eagles first string quarterback is here.With six minutes left in a sun-splashed, week one game in Cleveland last season, Michael Vick stood behind center on his own nine yard line and had to think to himself, we need to start executing now. The Philadelphia Eagles were losing to the Browns 16-10 in an atrocious game, a game in which Vick was supposed to prove he was back from injury, capable of recalling his 2010 form. It was not the case. Vick had thrown four interceptions, matching his rookie counterpart Brandon Weeden pick-for-pick. And while Vick led the Eagles on a game winning drive, execution was not the reason for …

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2013 Fantasy Football Outlook: Running Backs

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is the #1 running back in Fantasy Football for the upcoming season.An NFL running back is the workhorse of a team’s offense. The stumbler, rumbler, and hopefully not fumbler, is the key component to a successful fantasy team as well. On average, the elite running backs will score more points than their counterparts with lesser skill sets. The best way to win your league in a given year is to draft the best value players at a given position, and the numbers show that taking a running back early is the best path to the  fantasy promised land. But the masters of the ground game are a dime a dozen once you get past the …

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Oregon Gets Slapped, Chip Kelly gets Flicked

Chip Kelly's Oregon sanctions are going to impact his former college.The NCAA has come down on another college football game for violating recruiting regulations. These violations occurred under the reign of our Philadelphia Eagles new head coach Chip Kelly. However there are no worries for our potential savior because the NCAA has no jurisdiction in the National Football League. Which means he will still be on the sidelines come the start of the season.

Oregon’s punishment has been considered a light slap on the wrist compared to other schools.  They will lose one scholarship in each of the next three seasons. Also the program will lose 19 official paid visits for the next three years as well. Now to get into what everyone from the Philadelphia area is interested …

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2013 Fantasy Football Outlook: The Quarterbacks

Aaron Rodgers is a top rated Fantasy Football Quarterback again this season.The field general, the admiral, the most important position on the field, the quarterback is the heart and soul of each team. But from  a fantasy perspective, your quarterback may not be the most important pick on draft day.  For the 2013 season, the quarterback position has so many quality players, it may be wise to wait before selection your gunslinger. Sure, selecting Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or Drew Brees is a considerable advantage, but selecting them too early could mean destruction for your fantasy football team. Below are a list of quarterbacks that will help your fantasy team in 2013, if taken in the correct …

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Hey Cary Williams, It Does Matter What We Think

Cary Williams has not gotten off to a good start with the Eagles or it's fans.New cornerback Cary Williams hasn’t played one game in an Eagles uniform, but he has already vaulted to number one as my most hated Philadelphia athlete.  If you’ve been avoiding all major media and social media outlets who discuss Philadelphia professional sports this summer you probably haven’t heard the imprudent interview Cary Williams gave on the Mike Missanelli show on 97.5 the Fanatic last week.  I think fellow HighPhiver Joe Corrado summarized it best via his twitter account @corrado_19 when he said, “Imagine the ‘For who? For what?’ interview on steroids.”

Williams, a Cornerback who was signed as a free agent this offseason after winning the Super Bowl …

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June Gloom, Around the NFL

DeSean Jackson has already started a controversy in Eagles training camp.With the end of minicamp in the rear view mirror for most of the NFL, it is time for an update on the latest happenings as the long drought begins until training camp in August.

For the Eagles, there has been much controversy regarding the starting quarterback position. DeSean Jackson and Michael Vick have publicly stated their shared desire for a quarterback to be named, but head coach Chip Kelly has not budged on the subject, and why should he? There is no benefit to naming a starter now as opposed to training camp, except perhaps to quell the fury of a diva wide receiver, and a quarterback with more baggage than an international flight at …

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New Coaches, New Players, New Identity for Eagles

Chip Kelly's biggest test for the beginning of training camp for the Eagles is determining who between Michael Vick & Nick Foles will start.The primordial mini camp under first year head coach Chip Kelly began in Philadelphia on June 4th, and already has that ‘new-camp’ smell. Gone are fast food Fridays, closed practices, and that jolly green walrus. Even the pace of practice has changed, as numerous players have commented on the new fast-paced practice scheme. Music blares from PA systems as the Eagles go through daily practices, but these aren’t the only changes permeating Philadelphia’s favorite franchise.

Chip Kelly and Andy Reid are antithetic down to their base philosophies. Where Reid instituted physical …

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