Diary of a Merion Man – Part II of the U.S. Open Experience

Tiger Woods was eaten alive by Merion during the U.S. Open.The second of two parts chronicling my visit to Merion during the U.S. Open.  For part I, click here.

As it turns out, the best golfers in the world are human.  Sure, they’re capable of greatness more often and with more regularity than the average weekend warrior, but as Merion illustrated, there are times when they are just as likely to flub a putt or two.

After Yang’s rough adventure, I walked towards the fourteenth green, again following the crowd, which had grown thicker.  After setting foot on the course, I was given a little mini-radio ear piece to listen to ESPN Radio’s broadcast of the Open.  I didn’t expect this and thought it was great, since it gave …

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Diary of a Merion Man – Part I of the U.S. Open Experience

Ben Hogan's famous one iron shot at Merion in 1950.The first of two parts chronicling my experience at the U.S. Open.

The morning skies turned dark.  A massive storm approached from the west prompting severe weather alerts to pop-up on my phone.  Suddenly… CRACK!  I jumped as lightning struck too close.  Rumbles of thunder reverberated in my chest as I waited to make my way to Merion’s first day of the 2013 U.S. Open.  Of all the mornings, there is a storm on this one.  Heavy rain started to fall, undoubtedly dimpling and softening the ground on a course that analysts have decried as too short.  Scores will surely be low, poor Merion.  As it turned out, the storm served as an unwelcome harbinger.   Mother Nature has a stake …

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Merion shows what it really means to be “Philly Tough”

Tiger Woods did not have a good showing at the US Open.When it was announced that Merion would host the U.S. Open, there were many in the golf world who questioned whether the historic course could stand up to the tests of the modern golf game. With Mother Nature adding her fury during the days leading up to the tourney, “target practice” was expected with scores well under par. The East course has something to say about that…HA HA HA!!

The best players in the world are being challenged shot after shot by the venerable venue.  40 weeks out of the year the Pro Golf tours host tournaments that routinely produce winning scores of 10-20 under par. The past 2 days have produced a total of 8 rounds …

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Massive US Collapse hands the Ryder Cup to Europe

While most Americans were watching NFL games, a true international battle was just beginning. Just outside of Chicago, at Medinah Country Club, the United States contingent decided to go all Bill Buckner and blow a seemingly insurmountable lead.

For all of you unfamiliar with the Ryder Cup, and its setup, there are 16 team matches on Friday and Saturday, followed by 12 singles matches to conclude the Cup on Sunday. There are a total of 28 points available, and the team that currently possesses the cup needs 14 points to retain. The challenging team needs 14.5 points to win the cup. This year, the European team needed 14 points to retain the cup.

After the team matches, and going into Sunday’s singles matches, the US team led 10-6. All the US team needed was a total of 4.5 points to win …

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