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Philadelphia 76ers with the Slick Moves

Nerlens Noel was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers in a flurry of moves Thursday night.As I seated up to watch the NBA 2013 draft I was full good nervous energy. I was anxious to see what new young talent was going to be picked to upcoming 2014-2015 season. What I didn’t expect was everything that unfolded before my eyes that night. I was still hoping that somehow some way we were going to rid our team of the ugly curse (and hair) of Andrew Bynum, which didn’t happen. What ended up happening was a night of moves, trades, and astonishment’s!

Only few picks before the Philadelphia 76ers and moments after Nerlens Noel has been drafted to the Pelicans aka New Orleans, …

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Philadelphia Winter Sports Hopes Melting In The Sun

Mark Streit is the newest Flyers defenseman.As the heat turns up outside, looking for a little relief from any Philadelphia team right now seems as likely as a smooth ride home on the Schuylkill at 5pm. The Phillies remain Phrustrating, the Eagles are 25 days from Training Camp (the home version), and our winter teams have been absent for so long you need to look on a milk carton for them. So let’s take a look into the dairy section for these teams and see what they have been up to lately.

The Flyers have come off one of the most disappointing regular seasons in recent memory by…hold for dramatic pause…signing a 35 year old defenseman Mark Streit to a 4 year/ $21 Million dollar deal, attempting to trade for another …

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76ers & Adam Aron Front Office Shuffle

76ers & Adam Aron Front Office Shuffle.Not even a year ago, Adam Aron strutted proudly into the Constitution Center to present Andrew Bynum to the 76ers faithful in a moment that offered much hope for a struggling franchise. The team seemingly found the superstar center it has been missing since Moses Malone brought home the last NBA title in 1983. After a season full of promise spiraled into one full of apathy, sources say Aron may be relieved of his position just two years into his tenure as the 76ers CEO.

Majority owner Joshua Harris would likely keep him with the team in some capacity, such was the case with coach Doug Collins after he resigned. Last night however, upon learning the rumors after returning from vacation, Aron took to Twitter to address the issue …

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Short Term Fix, Long Term Fix: 76ers Edition

Chris Paul would look good in a Philadelphia 76ers uniform.In the second edition of this series, the Philadelphia 76ers are up for fixing. Luckily, the NBA is the easiest among all sports to turn it around. All you need in the NBA is a superstar, then you are relevant. Seems simple doesn’t it? But, as mentioned before, the 76ers are in NBA purgatory. In order to win in the NBA, you need to tank, trade for a superstar, or get lucky in the draft. The 76ers thought they had one in Andrew Bynum, but his knees were not close to being NBA-ready. In order for the 76ers to be good, they need to be really bad, or they need to get lucky.

To fix the 76ers in the …

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Being a Devil’s Advocate for the 76ers

Andrew Bynum is dancing the offseason away in Spain.I remember being in Wildwood the day the 76ers traded for Andrew Bynum, I remember being told it went through by the guy working at Sam’s Pizza (the best pizza in Wildwood by the way), I also remember the tingle of excitement I felt when I heard it actually happened.  Now as I sit here, tingle-less; the last word you can use to describe any single part of last season is “excitement”.

I know a lot of people don’t watch the 76ers, and could care less if Big Bird played center for them but the city was fired up to have Bynum here.  They were happy to finally have Andre Iguodala out of town, happy to have some fresh …

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76ers Need Substance This Offseason & Forget Doug Collins

Jrue Holiday needs a better team put around him to put a winning team together for him.It’s been a couple of weeks since the Philadelphia 76ers (34-48) ended their season with a 105-95 victory over the Indiana Pacers. Doug Collins is out as Head Coach and Jrue Holiday is the assists leader for the Eastern Conference. That’s about all there is for the good news. That’s not really the truth, but there’s not much to be happy about with the 2012-13 76ers.

There’s no better way to describe the Philadelphia 76ers (34-48) season then to call is a disgrace. It’s a disgrace because “disappointment” just doesn’t cut it when you’re looking back over the course of the past season …

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76ers Officially Say Goodbye to Doug Collins

Doug Collins has resigned as Philadelphia 76ers head coach and will be a consultant moving forward.The Doug Collins as Philadelphia 76ers Head Coach era has now officially been closed with Collins resigning to take a consultant role with the team. This was not unexpected as it’s been rumored for the last week or so that Collins was going to be another Head Coach for the 76ers that does not make it long. Since Larry Brown left after the 2002-03 season the 76ers Head Coaches have been: Randy Ayers, Chris Ford, Jim O’Brien, Maurice Cheeks (who lasted 3+ seasons), current General Manager Tony DiLeo, Eddie Jordan and than Doug Collins. That’s 7 coaches in …

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Is Anyone at Fault for Andrew Bynum Disaster?

Andrew Bynum and Doug Collins watch practice from before the season started.As the season is coming to a close, the news of Doug Collins inevitable departure from the Philadelphia 76ers is not surprising. Many have expected this or at least insisted it should happen. Collins was unable to adapt and succeed after Andrew Bynum never played a minute in a 76ers uniform. However, it was not his fault that the Bynum deal blew up in the organization’s face. To be honest it really isn’t the owner’s fault either.  Was the deal really a bad deal?

Yes Adam Aron has taken a lot of heat, mainly because he is the one on social media, but you cannot really blame him or Collins for what became …

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Philadelphia 76ers finish off the TrailBlazers 101-100

Spencer Hawes takes a fade away shot in the 76ers victory over the Trail Blzaers Monday night.If you’ve been watching the 76ers all season then you’ve probably noticed that they give you fits each game. The constant jump shots, lack of inside force, silly turnovers, and inability to close out games has driven me insane over the course of this season. But, those are not the 76ers of the past week. They’ve won 3 of 4 and almost ended the Miami Heat’s win streak in their one loss. Last night, the 76ers (26-40) held on at the end, made some crucial plays that they would have missed earlier in the season and beat the Portland Trailblazers (31-35) by a final of 101-100.

LaMarcus Aldridge was the latest …

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Speculation Ends over Andrew Bynum

Andrew Bynum is having season ending knee surgery and will not play at all this year for the Philadelphia 76ersAndrew Bynum will not play a single game as a 76er this season, as was officially announced yesterday.  The announcement finally put an end to months of speculation about whether or not the All-Star center will play for Philadelphia this year.  To many 76ers fans however, this was essentially already a known fact.  No more of the bogus “Bynum Updates” and false timelines, as Bynum will have to undergo “season ending surgery” on BOTH of his knees.

The surgery is to occur on Tuesday (March 19th) and will be to remove any remaining debris from each knee.  76ers’ General Manager …

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