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Donovan McNabb to Retire as an Eagle, Time to Retire the Hate

It is time to retire the hate for Eagles Quarterback Donovan McNabb who will retire as a member of the team this season.Can we get one thing straight…I want to see a Super Bowl Victory as much if not more than anyone. I have been to almost every Eagles home game since 1979. I have seen great players and teams, and some of the worst football ever played or coached. From Dick Vermeil, to Andy Reid and everything in between. With that said I can’t figure out one thing, Why is there still so much hate for Donovan McNabb?

Since the time he was drafted 2nd overall, and the pick was infamously booed, …

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At Last! The 2013 NFL Draft Begins

The 2013 NFL DraftEtta James sang it right in 1960, at last! Months of speculation have culminated in this moment; the 2013 NFL draft has begun, and the first pick is Eric Fisher, OT Central Michigan. Andy Reid begins anew in Kansas City and goes back to his roots by selecting an offensive lineman in the first round.  As the Eagles’ former skipper, Reid drafted a lineman in all but four of his twelve first round draft choices. The Eagles did not pick in the first round in both 2007 and 2008. Fisher was just the 4th tackle taken with the first overall selection in the modern NFL draft.

The Jacksonville Jaguars time in the spotlight is over, as they have selected Luke Joeckel, OT Texas A&M. Joeckel will be a much needed centerpiece as a Jaguar, and will influence the …

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In Howard Roseman I Trust

Howie Roseman will make the decisions for the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2013 NFL Draft.I pledge allegiance to Howard Roseman of the Philadelphia Eagles…

Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb are so linked in perpetuity that it may be easy to forget that Reid didn’t engineer the Philadelphia Eagles’ 1999 draft.  While the rookie head coach may have had some input, he did not draft Donovan McNabb, Tom Modrak did.  But my guess is, Big Red was kind of ok with it.  So here we are, an era later, and the Winter of Eagles’ Discontent has come and gone and left quite a mess in its wake.   But winter is no longer coming.  There is another fresh start ahead, a new …

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Chip Kelly: Success Formula and Offensive Efficiency

Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly finds his offensive success in certain areas.The doctor is in. That much is certain after Dr. Chip Kelly and co-surgeons Dr. Tom Gamble and Dr. Howie Roseman removed NFL players from the free agency pool with surgical precision. They have resuscitated a team whose health was failing and now they must oversee the rehabilitation. First up, the offense. Dr. Kelly, winner of the Nobel Prize for NFL Innovation for his contributions to Super Bowl winning franchises, measures offensive success with a mathematical formula. But does the formula represent philosophy, or fact? Well, the fact that the formula measures offensive success may be a misnomer. Success may be better measured by yards or touchdowns. More accurately it is a formula for offensive efficiency. …

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Failure To Replace Key Personnel Led To Andy Reid’s Downfall

Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie at press conference announcing the firing of Andy ReidThe reality of the situation still hasn’t set in.

Truth is, it’ll probably be months before this one exits the realm of surreality. The realization that, after fourteen years, Andy Reid will not be standing on the Eagles sideline is one that will come slowly for fans.  For me, it probably won’t truly set in until 2013′s season opener. Sure, we’ll see the press conference announcing the new head coach, we’ll see the draft and we’ll see him during training camp. But it’ll take a regular season game for it to feel like an actuality.

Fourteen years is a longtime. In the sports world, it’s practically a lifetime.

While many are already looking ahead, speculating on who will man the helm next, I think Reid’s tenure in Philadelphia …

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Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid Fired

End of an Era: Andy Reid is fired as Philadelphia Eagles Head CoachIt’s finally official according to The man who led the Philadelphia Eagles to 1 Super Bowl and 5 NFC Championships has been let go by Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie. A lot will be said (and has already been said) about the head coaching tenure of Andy Reid. One thing is not in doubt and that’s Andy Reid as of right now is the greatest head coach in the history of the franchise. He will be remembered for many things…some positive & some negative.

The positive things is he brought in a franchise quarterback in Donovan McNabb and led the team to 5 Championship games. He brought in quite possibly the best Defensive Coordinator the city will ever see (and defensive mind over Buddy …

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Washburn Is The Worst Thing To Ever Happen To Reid

Former Eagles Defensive Coordinator Juan Castillo & former Eagles Defensive Line coach Jim WashburnIn the time since Jim Washburn was relieved of his duties as defensive line coach of the Eagles, numerous stories have surfaced about Washburn’s relationship with his fellow coaches, all of them none too flattering.

Evidently, Washburn was a divisive and cantankerous individual, who showed little respect to anyone not named Howard Mudd (a rather amusing story from Pro Football Talk even claims Washburn referred to former defensive coordinator, Juan Castillo, as “Juanita” on the regular).

When Washburn became even more disruptive in the wake of Jason Babin‘s release, it became clear it was time to send him packing, a mere year and a half after he had been hired.

Aside from …

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The Lyin’ in Winter…Tough Selling for Philly Sports

It's Been a Tough Winter as a Philly sports fanFor the first time in quite a few years, the Philadelphia sports scene is poised to enter the winter season without the warmth of optimism for any of our major teams. To make things even worse, ownership is deciding that the fan bases that virtually pay the athletes’ exorbitant salaries in this town are either inattentive, stupid, gullible, or all of the above. In any event, the goodwill that many of our local team owners and general managers have so effectively established over the past decade or more is now being slowly but surely dismantled because they are taking for granted the very source of their success.

To begin with, there are the Sixers. The optimism that had basketball fans in this city …

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Eagles’ Quarterbacks Being Put in Harm’s Way

Former Eagles Quarterback Donovan McNabb On Draft Day 1999In Philadelphia it is no secret that the fans are passionate and ruthless. You are held high on a pedestal one day and then find your face on a wanted poster the next. Players have commented time and time again about how the fans are too over the top with their feelings about the players. But really the only thing we all want is to win and win big.

“With the second overall pick in the 1999 NFL draft, the Philadelphia Eagles select Donovan McNabb…” and most of us remember what happened after that. The boo’s rained down. Andy Reid then signed Michael Vick in 2009 and fans hated him too. They despised him for his prior …

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Life as a Philadelphia Phillies, 76ers, Flyers & Eagles Fan

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Yup, that about says it….

I am a cynic by birth. Growing up four miles from Broad and Pattison has done nothing to ameliorate this fatal flaw. Rather, my formative years were spent watching failure after repeated failure. The Phillies managed to reach the postseason twice before I reached the age of majority [21 years]. The Flyers have failed in all my 25 years on God’s green Earth to find an established, franchise net-minder – leading to the team’s yearly demise each May/June.  The Eagles have entered their fifth consecutive decade without a world championship. My beloved [10, 9, 8] 76ers have bookended one year of magic [2000-01] with two decades of complete mediocrity. Now, Philadelphia has grown numb to the regional mantra “there’s always next year!”

In the book of Exodus, the Egyptians were afflicted by 10 great plagues – …

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