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Donovan McNabb to Retire as an Eagle, Time to Retire the Hate

It is time to retire the hate for Eagles Quarterback Donovan McNabb who will retire as a member of the team this season.Can we get one thing straight…I want to see a Super Bowl Victory as much if not more than anyone. I have been to almost every Eagles home game since 1979. I have seen great players and teams, and some of the worst football ever played or coached. From Dick Vermeil, to Andy Reid and everything in between. With that said I can’t figure out one thing, Why is there still so much hate for Donovan McNabb?

Since the time he was drafted 2nd overall, and the pick was infamously booed, …

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Eagles Continue to Ressurerect Roster, Add Needed Depth at WR, DE

Former Temple & Boston College wide receiver Ifeanyi Momah was signed by the Eagles last week.April Fool’s day signals the start of off-season conditioning for the Philadelphia Eagles. A team with a new identity, the birds have remained busy throughout the off-season, and Easter weekend was no exception.

Former Temple wideout Ifeanyi Momah has signed a three year deal with the Eagles, the former Boston College receiver had his senior season cut short by an ACL tear, and was not granted another year of eligibility by the NCAA, nor drafted in last years NFL draft.

Momah is an intriguing signing for the Eagles, as a former defensive end, the ex-Golden Eagle stands at 6’7″ and weighs 239lbs yet is blazing fast as his 40 time was …

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Michael Vick Gets Restructured Contract from Eagles

Michael Vick has had his contract renegotiated and will possibly remain with the Philadelphia Eagles next year.Chip Kelly has finally made a move with Michael Vick. To many fans displeasure, the Eagles have re-structured Vick’s contract and will not be releasing him for now. Many fans have been hoping that Vick would be released and Nick Foles would be Kelly’s guy under center to start the 2013 season. It could still happen, but is not likely. It has not been guaranteed that Vick will start and he will most likely have to compete against Foles.

Vick’s deal is basically a one year deal were he could make up to 10 million. This may seem high but it cuts out …

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Examining The Eagles Coaching Landscape Going Forward

Could Seattle Seahawks Defensive Coordinator Gus Bradley be the next Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach?It’s been a week since Andy Reid was relieved of his duties as Eagles head coach and the rumors about who will replace the long-time Philadelphia staple are flying at an impressive rate.

From all corners of the football map, potential replacements have come forth. While the decision about who will be Reid’s successor is unarguably the most important decision Jeffrey Lurie will make since–well, since he hired Reid, and therefore deserves the utmost of consideration, this is a time of rapid movement for team’s in search of a new coach.

Because teams are scrambling to find their new head coach–two of the five teams with vacancies have already made hires. More …

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Michael Vick to Start for Injured Rookie Nick Foles

Michael Vick will start at least 1 more game for the Philadelphia EaglesPhiladelphia Eagles fans get to watch Michael Vick work his magic on the field one more time this season. After Nick Foles was named the starter for the rest of the season, regardless if Vick was healthy, I thought we would never get to watch him take a snap in an Eagles jersey again. Luckily for all of those Vick fans, he will be the starter against the New York Giants Sunday. Unfortunately Foles will be sitting out due to a hand injury.

The second half against Washington was disappointing and started to make Foles seem like he may not be the quarterback many thought he was. However, reports have come out that Foles played the second half against the Washington Redskins with a …

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Washburn Is The Worst Thing To Ever Happen To Reid

Former Eagles Defensive Coordinator Juan Castillo & former Eagles Defensive Line coach Jim WashburnIn the time since Jim Washburn was relieved of his duties as defensive line coach of the Eagles, numerous stories have surfaced about Washburn’s relationship with his fellow coaches, all of them none too flattering.

Evidently, Washburn was a divisive and cantankerous individual, who showed little respect to anyone not named Howard Mudd (a rather amusing story from Pro Football Talk even claims Washburn referred to former defensive coordinator, Juan Castillo, as “Juanita” on the regular).

When Washburn became even more disruptive in the wake of Jason Babin‘s release, it became clear it was time to send him packing, a mere year and a half after he had been hired.

Aside from …

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Eagles Need Vick & McCoy Back in Lineup

According to Matt Regan the Eagles need Quarterback Michael Vick back in the lineupIn the final minutes of a close, yet sloppy game, the inexperience and immaturity showed through. The tag team of rookie quarterback Nick Foles and rookie running back Bryce Brown had a very impressive game for the most part, but the absence of Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy proved costly in the end. This issue brings about the question of whether or not the Eagles can really benefit from not having Vick or McCoy on the field. Andy Reid believes so, naming Foles the starter for the rest of the season, but I can not get on board with Reid.

At the end …

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The Eagles Prove They Are A Team Of Destiny

Eagles Quarterback Nick Foles fumblingLast night, the Eagles met the Carolina Panthers in a marquee Monday Night match-up between two teams battling for their rightful place in the basement of the NFC. The game would be Philadelphia’s biggest test so far this season. Sure, they had lost six straight. But those were against decent football teams. If they truly have aspirations of being the worst team not only in the NFC, but in the NFL, they’d have to rise to the occasion.

They would do just that.

From the outset, it was a hard fought game. On the Eagles opening drive, quarterback Nick Foles marched his team down the field, getting into Carolina’s red zone with relative ease. Things did not look good for the Eagles’ high draft pick aspirations early on. But right then, Foles showed the type of poise …

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Eagles’ Quarterbacks Being Put in Harm’s Way

Former Eagles Quarterback Donovan McNabb On Draft Day 1999In Philadelphia it is no secret that the fans are passionate and ruthless. You are held high on a pedestal one day and then find your face on a wanted poster the next. Players have commented time and time again about how the fans are too over the top with their feelings about the players. But really the only thing we all want is to win and win big.

“With the second overall pick in the 1999 NFL draft, the Philadelphia Eagles select Donovan McNabb…” and most of us remember what happened after that. The boo’s rained down. Andy Reid then signed Michael Vick in 2009 and fans hated him too. They despised him for his prior …

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Firing Castillo Was A Fatal Error For Reid

Former Eagles Defensive Coordinator Juan CastilloFiring Juan Castillo was a mistake.

Those are six words I never envisioned myself writing (that’s been happening a lot lately, hasn’t it?) when I agreed to do a weekly column for this blog. But there are a lot of things about this Eagles season I never envisioned happening. We can just add this latest revelation to the list.

I came to this conclusion while watching the Eagles’ latest and most ugly debacle in what has been a season full of ugly debacles–a 31-6 thrashing at the hands of the lowly Redskins. As I watched the ‘skins moving the ball up and down the field effortlessly, I found myself wondering, ‘What the hell happened to the defense I wrote so highly of after week 2?’ I was premature in my assessment …

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