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2013 Fantasy Football Outlook: The Quarterbacks

Aaron Rodgers is a top rated Fantasy Football Quarterback again this season.The field general, the admiral, the most important position on the field, the quarterback is the heart and soul of each team. But from  a fantasy perspective, your quarterback may not be the most important pick on draft day.  For the 2013 season, the quarterback position has so many quality players, it may be wise to wait before selection your gunslinger. Sure, selecting Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or Drew Brees is a considerable advantage, but selecting them too early could mean destruction for your fantasy football team. Below are a list of quarterbacks that will help your fantasy team in 2013, if taken in the correct …

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June Gloom, Around the NFL

DeSean Jackson has already started a controversy in Eagles training camp.With the end of minicamp in the rear view mirror for most of the NFL, it is time for an update on the latest happenings as the long drought begins until training camp in August.

For the Eagles, there has been much controversy regarding the starting quarterback position. DeSean Jackson and Michael Vick have publicly stated their shared desire for a quarterback to be named, but head coach Chip Kelly has not budged on the subject, and why should he? There is no benefit to naming a starter now as opposed to training camp, except perhaps to quell the fury of a diva wide receiver, and a quarterback with more baggage than an international flight at …

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Fantasy Football Preview: Top 100 Projected Players for the 2013 Season

Adrian Peterson is the #1 player you want on your Fantasy Football team for the 2013 NFL season.For many football fans, autumn is a sort of duelist existence. Fantasy football has reached the mecca of sporting entertainment, and everyone from your grandmother’s friends at her retirement home, to your little sister’s girl-scout troop has a fantasy team. Fans of the NFL are torn between loyalty to their office pool, or rooting on their dearly beloved local professional franchise. As the fantasy baseball season begins, many, myself included, have begun to get the itch of long lost love. Loyalty, or disloyalty, to one’s players may affect the lives of team managers for years to come. Fantasy footballer’s lives have been virtually destroyed by the …

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Eagles end the 2012 Season with Loss to Giants

Michael Vick more than likely has thrown his last pass as a Philadelphia Eagle.The Philadelphia Eagles’ 2012 season ended today at Metlife Stadium with a truly horrifying loss to the New York Giants, 42-7. The 14th season of Andy Reid as the Eagles head coach has also ended and quite possibly has coached his last Eagles game. There was nothing redeeming about this loss or the qualify of the effort put out on the field by many players on the 4-12 team. Michael Vick started the game and Trent Edwards finished it. Nnamdi Asomugha was benched.

The game started exactly like Reid’s coaching career in Philadelphia began…with a recovered onside kick. It would last all of 5 plays before Vick threw a ball over Brent Celek‘s head and landed in …

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