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76ers Trends Continue as they Fall to the Hawks 107-96

Jeff Teague drives past the Philadelphia 76ers' Jrue Holiday & Damien Wilkins in the Hawks win over the 76ers Wednesday night.It’s come down to excuses with the 76ers. That’s how bad it’s become for the team that had high hopes when the season started. Andrew Bynum would soon be the center they’ve needed since Moses Malone left. Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner would combine to be a formidable back court with Andre Iguodala having been traded. Dorell Wright and Jason Richardson would be here to provide veteran leadership and outside shooting off the bench. “We were tired tonight”, Doug Collins said, “but I don’t want to …

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76ers: Bynum Shoots, Mack Signed, Wayns Released

76ers could be seeing Andrew Bynum on the floor sooner than later.The Philadelphia 76ers are coming off a very embarrassing loss at home to the New Orleans Hornets 111-99 in which the team was never in the game to begin with. From falling behind 7 by the end of the first quarter to the Hornets out-hustling the team in the 3rd quarter when the 76ers finally tried to make a run in the 4th quarter thanks to Nick Young it was too little too late. There could be some hope on the horizon.

It was reported today that Andrew Bynum was shooting today in practice while Head Coach Doug Collins watched. It’s still weeks away before Bynum will be able to take the court at the Wells Fargo Center and if the team continues on it’s …

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Without Andrew Bynum, are the 76ers drowning?

Can the 76ers wait much longer without Andrew Bynum?The Philadelphia 76ers are a team built around a big man. The problem is, the big man has not played all season. The 76ers lost again a few nights ago to the Brooklyn Nets 109-89, and the story was the same. There was no presence in the middle, offensively or defensively as the 76ers were out-rebounded 50-32. Spencer Hawes and Lavoy Allen are just not big or strong enough (mentally and physically) to handle the job of a big man in the NBA. It is obvious this team is built around Andrew Bynum, but without him, this team is just not good enough.

With Bynum, the 76ers shooters have space, and they will be able to put …

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Where have all the 76ers gone?

The 76ers' Nick Young has not been able to replace Lou Williams.The 76ers started off their 2012-13 campaign with an emotional victory over the Denver Nuggets and former teammate Andre Iguodala.  As it stands, they are in a tailspin.  What began as a season full of possibilities and a very high ceiling has 76ers fans wondering whether or not the team will even sneak into the playoffs at season’s end.  Almost no one saw this coming.  A team that took the championship caliber Celtics to the limit in the Eastern Conference Semifinals just six months ago can barely manage a win now.  What has changed so dramatically for this team this season?

During the offseason, it was thought that the Sixers had drastically improved their team by getting …

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See the Spurs at 76ers for FREE from!

Come see the Philadelphia 76ers for free just for following on Twitter! is doing our second 76ers ticket giveaway and all you have to do is follow us on Twitter to qualify! Last month Keith Rodriguez went to the see the Chicago Bulls at the Philadelphia 76ers at the Wells Fargo Center for just following @TheHighPhive on Twitter. Now it’s your chance! If you follow us and we reach 600 followers (we’re currently at 576 followers as of this writing) by 1/15/13 a random follower will get 2 free tickets to the 1/21/13 game!

Don’t miss your chance to check out Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner, Spencer Hawes and Jason Richardson to take on the San Antonio Spurs and face off against Future Hall of Famers Tim Duncan,

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76ers can’t keep up with Mavericks without Holiday

Philadelphia 76ers Point Guard Jrue Holiday dunked on the Mavericks last year. This time he was out because of a foot injury.18 points, 9 assists, and 45% shooting from the floor. That’s what the 76ers are missing when Jrue Holiday doesn’t play. That doesn’t take in to account his control of the team, floor, game and tempo. There were people that questioned what the 76ers would do when Andre Iguodala was traded to the Denver Nuggets, but that seemed to be addition by subtraction. Holiday’s sprained foot has basically sent the 76ers limping in to the toughest part of their schedule, with 10 of 11 being on the road. The 76ers fell to 12-13 last night (and 4-6 on the road) in the Mavericks’ 107-100 victory. It is not known when Holiday will be able …

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76ers Week-in-Review: OKC, Suns, Rockets, and Bobcats

76ers Guard Nick Young Shoots a 3Four games down, three wins, and only one loss; this last week has been one of solid success for the 76ers.  Their scoring is way up, defense is looking slightly better, and the team overall seems to be gelling better.  They’ve been recording games of over 100 points, are now 10-6, and managed to take the defending Western Conference Champions (the Oklahoma City Thunder) into overtime as the game was tied at 104.  Although they ultimately lost, Thad Young put up 29 points and had a huge game, and the rest of the squad played just as hard.  They managed to win three in a row thereafter, and have been putting up their best numbers to date.  So let’s look at where the Sixers are shining, …

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76ers Week-in-Review: 11/18-11/21

The Wells Fargo Center after a 76ers WinThe past week for the Philadelphia 76ers has been an interesting one: three games, two wins, and one loss.  With their record at 7-5, the Sixers currently rank 3rd in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference, behind the New York Knicks (1st) and the Brooklyn Nets (2nd).  Although I believe they will be able to surpass the Nets eventually, they haven’t necessarily been playing like a force with which to be reckoned.  While they beat the Cavaliers in their first match up, they dropped the ball on the second.  They had to come back late in the game against the Raptors, the team that is in last place in the Atlantic Division.  For the Sixers to come up big in the East, there …

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All is Not Lost for the 76ers

76ers Shooting Guard Jason RichardsonWhile the debacle that was the Eagles game was going on, another dismal event happened in the realm of Philadelphia sports – the 76ers were getting blown out by the Knicks.  This did not happen once, but twice.  Sunday and Monday, the Sixers put up pretty bad looking numbers against the New York team that has been such a disappointment for the past few years.  Losing 100-84 and 110-88 respectively, the bad just seemed to get worse for our boys.  So are the Knicks just that much better?  Or are the Sixers just that bad?  Let’s look at a few things before we make that decision.

There ARE several concerns when it comes to the Sixers, but not all of them refer to mode of play.  The team is wrought with injuries.  (Surprise!)  It seems to …

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Oh What a Night for the 76ers!

Oh What A Night for the Philadelphia 76ers on Opening Night!Following an impressive preseason, winning six out of seven games, the Sixers came out with a bang! On a night that was filled with the anticipation of the return of a former Philly star and the start of a new era for the Philadelphia 76ers, it was a familiar face that stole the show. Prior to the game the Sixers honored two of the franchise’s best big men, Moses Malone and Dikembe Mutombo, so it was only right that a Sixers big man take center stage. But it wasn’t the big man that fans envisioned heading into the season. With newly acquired big man Andrew Bynum still nursing a knee injury, coach …

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