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Hey Jeffrey Lurie, Bring in Brian Dawkins

Brian Dawkins in his classic tackle picture against the New York Giants.When Chip Kelly provided the names of his coaching staff, I was one of many Eagles’ fans hoping Brian Dawkins would be one of them. At one point it even seemed likely, especially after Kelly paid Dawkins a visit at an event Dawkins hosted at Chickie & Pete’s in late January. Alas, it was not so, and I now think Dawkins, while perhaps open to coaching in the NFL one day, is more devoted to his family and would not necessarily want to spend the amount of time away from his wife and children that coaching requires. However, I have a proposal…

Jeffrey Lurie has demonstrated an ability to think outside the box. He also …

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In Howard Roseman I Trust

Howie Roseman will make the decisions for the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2013 NFL Draft.I pledge allegiance to Howard Roseman of the Philadelphia Eagles…

Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb are so linked in perpetuity that it may be easy to forget that Reid didn’t engineer the Philadelphia Eagles’ 1999 draft.  While the rookie head coach may have had some input, he did not draft Donovan McNabb, Tom Modrak did.  But my guess is, Big Red was kind of ok with it.  So here we are, an era later, and the Winter of Eagles’ Discontent has come and gone and left quite a mess in its wake.   But winter is no longer coming.  There is another fresh start ahead, a new …

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Over-Paid and Under-Played for the Eagles

Michael Vick was re-signed by the Eagles to reduce his cap number. Who else doesn't deserve a massive contract?As the curtain fell on the nightmare that was the Philadelphia Eagles’ 2012-2013 season, Andy Reid walked his green mile, and the proverbial axe fell to end the most successful era in Philadelphia football history. After the worst season in Reid’s tenure ended, Jeffery Lurie made good on his promise that “eight losses was not good enough” and Reid was out in Philadelphia. The fat lady sang his last song in Eagle green, and quickly landed a new job in Kansas City, yet somehow managed to be out of work for less time than Rob, 5 minutes, …

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Chip Kelly New Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach

Oregon Head Coach Chip Kelly is reportedly the new Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach.According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen Oregon Head Coach Chip Kelly is leaving College Football to become the Philadelphia Eagles new Head Coach. Both men share the same agent so no surprise Mortnesen breaks the story. This is a shocking turn of events as Kelly had interviewed with the Eagles for 9 hours last week before it was reported Kelly would return to the Ducks as their head coach. No word yet on the contract length of money but the Eagles have landed their #1 choice.

This is quite a coup for Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman. Kelly was courted by pretty much every NFL team (and very hard by the Joe Banner-led Cleveland Browns) and …

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Eagles Interview Bradley for 2nd Time + New OC?

Gus Bradley is in for his 2nd interview to be the next Philadelphia Eagles Head CoachToday the Philadelphia Eagles front office staff is meeting with the Seattle Seahawks Defensive Coordinator Gus Bradley for the second time in hopes of hiring him as the new Head Coach. Bradley met with the Eagles once already and flew into Philadelphia today to sit down for a follow-up interview. Bradley is scheduled to interview with the Jacksonville Jaguars in regards to their opening tomorrow if terms are not agreed upon today.

It’s also being reported that with Ken Wisenhunt being interviewed the other day by the Eagles brass that he was not only being interviewed for a possible Head Coaching position but as a possible Offensive Coordinator. Wisenhunt …

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Examining The Eagles Coaching Landscape Going Forward

Could Seattle Seahawks Defensive Coordinator Gus Bradley be the next Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach?It’s been a week since Andy Reid was relieved of his duties as Eagles head coach and the rumors about who will replace the long-time Philadelphia staple are flying at an impressive rate.

From all corners of the football map, potential replacements have come forth. While the decision about who will be Reid’s successor is unarguably the most important decision Jeffrey Lurie will make since–well, since he hired Reid, and therefore deserves the utmost of consideration, this is a time of rapid movement for team’s in search of a new coach.

Because teams are scrambling to find their new head coach–two of the five teams with vacancies have already made hires. More …

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Andy Reid to coach the Kansas City Chiefs

Former Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid is on the verge of becoming the Kanas City Chiefs Head’s Adam Schefter & Chris Mortensen after earlier in the week reporting that former Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid would be headed to the Arizona Cardinals to interview and take their head coaching position are now reporting that after the 9-hour discussion last night in Philadelphia between the Kansas City Chiefs and Reid that the “major issues have been discussed and agreed upon” and Reid is set to become to the Kansas City head coach.

Reid was fired on Monday by Philadelphia Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie after 14 years as the Eagles Head Coach. Reid will find himself in familiar territory with taking …

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Failure To Replace Key Personnel Led To Andy Reid’s Downfall

Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie at press conference announcing the firing of Andy ReidThe reality of the situation still hasn’t set in.

Truth is, it’ll probably be months before this one exits the realm of surreality. The realization that, after fourteen years, Andy Reid will not be standing on the Eagles sideline is one that will come slowly for fans.  For me, it probably won’t truly set in until 2013′s season opener. Sure, we’ll see the press conference announcing the new head coach, we’ll see the draft and we’ll see him during training camp. But it’ll take a regular season game for it to feel like an actuality.

Fourteen years is a longtime. In the sports world, it’s practically a lifetime.

While many are already looking ahead, speculating on who will man the helm next, I think Reid’s tenure in Philadelphia …

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Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid Fired

End of an Era: Andy Reid is fired as Philadelphia Eagles Head CoachIt’s finally official according to The man who led the Philadelphia Eagles to 1 Super Bowl and 5 NFC Championships has been let go by Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie. A lot will be said (and has already been said) about the head coaching tenure of Andy Reid. One thing is not in doubt and that’s Andy Reid as of right now is the greatest head coach in the history of the franchise. He will be remembered for many things…some positive & some negative.

The positive things is he brought in a franchise quarterback in Donovan McNabb and led the team to 5 Championship games. He brought in quite possibly the best Defensive Coordinator the city will ever see (and defensive mind over Buddy …

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Andy Reid to the Eagles Front Office?

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Will Andy Reid be joining Jeffrey Lurie as an Eagles front office member after the season is over?What would be the reaction if Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie announces after the season that Andy Reid will be staying with the organization?

Amongst Eagles fans, I’d imagine the overwhelming reaction would be outrage. Add to that dissapointment, anger, betrayal…

There has been discussion over the air waves and in the written media lately,  that something like this just may happen. Most agree that Reid will not be the Head Coach anymore, but the possibility exists that he could move to the Front Office, in some capacity.

The Eagles are in the position they are in right now because of Reid. He not only has been the coach of this football team for the past 14 seasons, but he also has chosen …

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