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Eagles Defense: Who Should Stay, Who Should Go

Cullen Jenkins & Fletcher Cox could have big roles in the Philadelphia Eagles defense in 2013.With the Baltimore Ravens defeating the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday in the Super Bowl, that means we are now closing the book on the 2012 NFL season and 2013 is beginning. With the new year starting, roster moves and decisions have to be made. Free Agency officially begins on March 12, so between now and then, the Philadelphia Eagles will have to decide what to do with their current players, and who might be available to fill any needs.

With Chip Kelly installed as the new Head Coach, everyone knows there will be a new style of offense, which most likely means a few new players on that side …

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Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid Fired

End of an Era: Andy Reid is fired as Philadelphia Eagles Head CoachIt’s finally official according to The man who led the Philadelphia Eagles to 1 Super Bowl and 5 NFC Championships has been let go by Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie. A lot will be said (and has already been said) about the head coaching tenure of Andy Reid. One thing is not in doubt and that’s Andy Reid as of right now is the greatest head coach in the history of the franchise. He will be remembered for many things…some positive & some negative.

The positive things is he brought in a franchise quarterback in Donovan McNabb and led the team to 5 Championship games. He brought in quite possibly the best Defensive Coordinator the city will ever see (and defensive mind over Buddy …

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Washburn Is The Worst Thing To Ever Happen To Reid

Former Eagles Defensive Coordinator Juan Castillo & former Eagles Defensive Line coach Jim WashburnIn the time since Jim Washburn was relieved of his duties as defensive line coach of the Eagles, numerous stories have surfaced about Washburn’s relationship with his fellow coaches, all of them none too flattering.

Evidently, Washburn was a divisive and cantankerous individual, who showed little respect to anyone not named Howard Mudd (a rather amusing story from Pro Football Talk even claims Washburn referred to former defensive coordinator, Juan Castillo, as “Juanita” on the regular).

When Washburn became even more disruptive in the wake of Jason Babin‘s release, it became clear it was time to send him packing, a mere year and a half after he had been hired.

Aside from …

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Jim Washburn Fired & Replaced by Tommy Brasher

Eagles DL coach Jim Washburn was fired this morning by Andy ReidThe Eagles made a not so shocking announcement this morning when it was released that Andy Reid had relieved defensive line coach Jim Washburn of his duties and replaced him with the up until today retired Tommy Brasher. Brasher was the Eagles defensive line coach all the way back in 1985 and joined the Eagles again in 1999 with Andy Reid before he retired in 2005.

Washburn was said to have been a disruption in the locker room and was worse after Jason Babin was waived by the Eagles last week. Washburn was hired BEFORE Juan Castillo in 2011 and had implemented the Wide 9 scheme which will go away (thankfully). Washburn has …

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The Lyin’ in Winter…Tough Selling for Philly Sports

It's Been a Tough Winter as a Philly sports fanFor the first time in quite a few years, the Philadelphia sports scene is poised to enter the winter season without the warmth of optimism for any of our major teams. To make things even worse, ownership is deciding that the fan bases that virtually pay the athletes’ exorbitant salaries in this town are either inattentive, stupid, gullible, or all of the above. In any event, the goodwill that many of our local team owners and general managers have so effectively established over the past decade or more is now being slowly but surely dismantled because they are taking for granted the very source of their success.

To begin with, there are the Sixers. The optimism that had basketball fans in this city …

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Firing Castillo Was A Fatal Error For Reid

Former Eagles Defensive Coordinator Juan CastilloFiring Juan Castillo was a mistake.

Those are six words I never envisioned myself writing (that’s been happening a lot lately, hasn’t it?) when I agreed to do a weekly column for this blog. But there are a lot of things about this Eagles season I never envisioned happening. We can just add this latest revelation to the list.

I came to this conclusion while watching the Eagles’ latest and most ugly debacle in what has been a season full of ugly debacles–a 31-6 thrashing at the hands of the lowly Redskins. As I watched the ‘skins moving the ball up and down the field effortlessly, I found myself wondering, ‘What the hell happened to the defense I wrote so highly of after week 2?’ I was premature in my assessment …

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Eagles Extend GM Howie Roseman’s Contract…Bad Idea? Philadelphia Inquirer reported yesterday during ‘s press conference after the loss to the New Orleans Saints that the Philadelphia Eagles extended General Manager Howie Roseman‘s contract for between 4-5 years over the summer when former Team President Joe Banner left to join the Cleveland Browns’ ownership group. Obviously the idea was to extend Roseman’s contract to get him at a cheaper rate than if the Eagles succeeded this season and made the playoffs and the trip to the promised land…the Super Bowl.

Obviously 9 games into the season it’s obvious that the playoffs are a far ways away let alone the Super Bowl possibility. As much as Andy Reid has been ripped for what he’s done as the team’s head coach (hiring and firing Juan Castillo) does the fault of this land on Roseman’s shoulders? …

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Media storm to make landfall on Eagles & Andy Reid after ugly loss to Falcons

Eagles Head Coach Andy ReidA storm is coming.

And no, I’m not talking about Hurricane Sandy, whose annoying nickname I will not use.

Sandy’s wrath is looming, but there’s another storm brewing and I don’t think there will be any shelter for Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid.

First, I would like to begin this by saying that I have been a staunch supporter of Reid over the years. His head has been called for several times, but unlike Ned Stark, he’s avoided the axe every time.

Now, after losing the first post-bye week game of his career and leading the Eagles to a 3-4 start, the organization may have no choice.

And for the first time in Reid’s tenure as Eagles head coach, I actually agree with it. This team continues to make the same old mistakes and we …

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Week 8: Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles at Waterloo

Eagles Head Coach Andy ReidThe Philadelphia Eagles emerge from the bye week with a 3-3 record on the heels of the figurative sacrifice of the oft criticized and frequently over matched “offensive-line coach turned defensive coordinator” Juan Castillo. Although most around the league (and fan base) knew the Castillo experiment was destined for failure, it regrettably took Andrew Reid and the rest of the Eagles brain trust 22 games to reach that conclusion – a frightening realization. However, despite the maddening mediocrity that has dominated the narrative of the 2012 Philadelphia Eagles – there still is reason to believe that the next 10 games may prove successful – and the requisite success needed to save Michael Vick and Reid’s jobs in Philadelphia may still be attainable. Many will say that the Eagles are one defensive stop …

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