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Things ARE worse as the 76ers lose to Indiana 88-69

Paul George shoots over Evan Turner in the 76ers loss to the Pacers 88-69.Someone needs to knock some sense in to Doug Collins.

It’s obvious that something has to change or else the 76ers need to get a coach who can get something out of this roster. After last nights embarrassing 88-69 loss to the Indiana Pacers (31-19) the hometown 76ers (21-27) look as lost as they ever have been.

The team can not sit around and hope that Andrew Bynum somehow finds it in his heart to play for the team, if he has any heart at all. (Which is questionable, right now.) Jrue Holiday is the leader and a breakout star in this league amongst point guards but when …

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The 76ers’ Losing Streak Continues…

Kwame Brown needs to step up and fill the hole in the 76ers that is Andrew Bynum.The 76ers are in the midst of a 5 game losing streak.  After starting off the year with a 103-99 win against the Los Angeles Lakers, the Sixers have been on a steady decline in performance.  The loss to the Suns, okay, shouldn’t have happened.  The losses to San Antonio and Oklahoma City, understandable.  The Nets, ugh.  But losing to the Toronto Raptors? 90-72?  UNACCEPTABLE.

The two losses this week were quite different, but both abysmal in their own right.  In the loss to the Nets, the Sixers were out rebounded by 18.  Not only were they out rebounded by double digits but, adding insult to injury, the bulk of the rebounds came …

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Holiday and Turner lead 76ers over the “old” Lakers

76ers Point Guard Jrue Holiday led the way in a 103-99 victory over the L.A. Lakers“You just saw an old team”. That’s Kobe Bryant after the Philadelphia 76ers handed the Lakers a 103 – 99 loss on New Years day.

Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner combined for 48 points, 15 assists, and 15 rebounds, to lead the 76ers (15-17) while the Lakers (15-16) got 36 points from Bryant, but not much from anyone else on the team. When Turner and Holiday are on their games, they’ve been playing like there’s not a better tandem in the league. I understand the LeBron James/Dwayne Wade or Kevin Durant/Russell Westbrook tandems are the big names, but the 76ers play a different style of team ball that doesn’t feature a “superstar” although Holiday is …

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The 76ers had no chance against the Rockets

Kwame Brown provided little help the Philadelphia 76ers in their loss last night to the Rockets.It’s another night and another loss for the 76ers when they faced the Houston Rockets and lost 125-103. When you’re facing a team that has a 7 foot center that’s averaging a double double, you might want to have a couple of big guys to play. Maybe, change your strategy a little, knowing that your team is already shorthanded and try to keep up with a team whose breakout star is is known to run… and run… and run.

The Houston Rockets, with James Harden breaking out as a star in the NBA, can be dangerous to mid-level teams, like the 76ers. But, tonight, the Sixers needed to have someone that could handle Omer Asik, the Rockets 7’0″ center who went …

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76ers can’t keep up with Mavericks without Holiday

Philadelphia 76ers Point Guard Jrue Holiday dunked on the Mavericks last year. This time he was out because of a foot injury.18 points, 9 assists, and 45% shooting from the floor. That’s what the 76ers are missing when Jrue Holiday doesn’t play. That doesn’t take in to account his control of the team, floor, game and tempo. There were people that questioned what the 76ers would do when Andre Iguodala was traded to the Denver Nuggets, but that seemed to be addition by subtraction. Holiday’s sprained foot has basically sent the 76ers limping in to the toughest part of their schedule, with 10 of 11 being on the road. The 76ers fell to 12-13 last night (and 4-6 on the road) in the Mavericks’ 107-100 victory. It is not known when Holiday will be able …

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76ers Week-in-Review: OKC, Suns, Rockets, and Bobcats

76ers Guard Nick Young Shoots a 3Four games down, three wins, and only one loss; this last week has been one of solid success for the 76ers.  Their scoring is way up, defense is looking slightly better, and the team overall seems to be gelling better.  They’ve been recording games of over 100 points, are now 10-6, and managed to take the defending Western Conference Champions (the Oklahoma City Thunder) into overtime as the game was tied at 104.  Although they ultimately lost, Thad Young put up 29 points and had a huge game, and the rest of the squad played just as hard.  They managed to win three in a row thereafter, and have been putting up their best numbers to date.  So let’s look at where the Sixers are shining, …

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All is Not Lost for the 76ers

76ers Shooting Guard Jason RichardsonWhile the debacle that was the Eagles game was going on, another dismal event happened in the realm of Philadelphia sports – the 76ers were getting blown out by the Knicks.  This did not happen once, but twice.  Sunday and Monday, the Sixers put up pretty bad looking numbers against the New York team that has been such a disappointment for the past few years.  Losing 100-84 and 110-88 respectively, the bad just seemed to get worse for our boys.  So are the Knicks just that much better?  Or are the Sixers just that bad?  Let’s look at a few things before we make that decision.

There ARE several concerns when it comes to the Sixers, but not all of them refer to mode of play.  The team is wrought with injuries.  (Surprise!)  It seems to …

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